Here's the rose I used in the previous photo... ("Addendum")

in photography •  8 months ago

Before I go...

I wanted to make another post since this photo came out rather good.

I shot this photo right after I had shot the one I did for the previous post.

Still life: A Rose in a Vase

Canon EOS 550D
Sigma ART 50 mm ƒ/1.4
Dual-ISO 100+200

We did not always have seen everything eye to eye, but I still loved her. And I still can't make a proper flim-flam omelette. ;) I wonder if she were happy if she knew I'm taking rather good photos these days.

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this beautiful your photography, it has sense of spirituality and harmony, the flower and the candle ... believe me that she is infinitely proud of you friend ...

This looks pretty amazing! I like that candle in the back adding up to the composition. :)

Friend. Of course he must be very happy, but more than for the photos, he must be very happy for his nobility. It made you a good man and a good father, because the photos you publish of your children denote happiness, and that happiness should be more encouraging for you.
Greetings from a friend.

Hermosa rosa blanca.

I wonder if she were happy if she knew I'm taking rather good photos these days.

Jaro, It was your mom I think she would be just as happy with your bad photos too, a very pretty and emotional frame.

I saw your previous post............ just didn't know what to say.

What can a man say? I am close to my mother and I am not sure how this world would look to me without her.

Wow you focused on the flower very well. Moreover I don't know how could you do that, I could see a candle, but it's not disturbing the main view of the photography! That's pretty amazing!


True hey, no matter how many differences you experience with the people you love, you never stop loving them

Wow beautiful rose flower , nice photography .

I saw your post but did not know what you say ?

Upvote you ...

Thanks for sharing @gamer00

Wow it's amazing pic of rose .

White rose looks awesome in dark background .

Hey, @gamer00 this is so pretty rose.. i like flower.thanks for share.

Hello friend, very good photo, I am very focused and that effect with black and red makes it stand out more. very good technique

Beautiful shot , i love flowers😊.

This follower picture capture you very good way she is really happy with you your photography is really amazing

This is really nice photo of the rose! She is floating in space!!
Your mother,if she is still in the realm of waiting to be reincarnated, would be able to receive your thoughts! She would have been very amused by your new puppy and your effort at the gym! Your photography came as a surprise to her, she never knew you could turn out to be quite gifted! She is quietly very proud of you!!

I am a part-time psychic! 😇🧘‍♂️☺️


Very beautiful capture of rose

so beautiful rose,and your photo shot is amazing..@gamer00

If you like a rose, you have to accept the thorn, if you like joy, you have to accept the pin.

Nice flowe. Looks beautiful. Showing the beauty of relation.

Mother is the basis of every life and this rose has been clicked perfectly. I think it was taken in dark or night photography but a perfect one.

Very beautiful this photo, thanks for sharing.

@gamer00 - Sir it's beautiful... Like your heart feelings about your mom... <3


white rose so much amazing

This is awesome sir loving your work a lot.

It looks really amazing buddy .An awesome shot

Sorry i was not able to share one of my own image with you as it just rotates as soon as I post.

Hi gamer. I am sure she is proud of you.

I'm glad to see your good photography, thank you for taking an excellent picture, good focus, beautiful white rose