Day or Night?

in photography •  last year

What do you think? Which of these pictures is the one taken at night? Both are of the same tree.

Day, or Night?

Day, or Night?

Here's another night shot from the same trip, just for fun comparison:

Street lamp and sign.

So while I was away, I visited the in-laws and had some time to go shooting at night. It was nice. BTW. I have been using that 35mm Super Carenar lens for just about a month now, and the article I've been writing is likely to become two, otherwise it'll be too long for one posting. But hey, next post maybe. ;)

Good night for now!

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@gamer00 judging on what the snow pile looks like
I'm thinking - the 1st picture was taken at day? since the ice looked a bit thawed already and the leaves on the tree aren't frozen? the 2nd at dusk or nearly night and maybe a day before the first picture? Or have I actually interchanged it?

@oaldamster, @bleujay @richman what do you guys think?


First one night, I think.