Sorry for being gone for so long. :)

10 days ago
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So my short holiday turned into a whole week of being away.

As I was away, I have been learning the piano, as well as playing the recorder mainly because my boys have been taking piano lessons, and I've been reading their materials and opting into watching youtube videos about playing the piano. I now know the C scales for both hands and I can do the left hand part in "Pink Panther". It came to me that when Miro, my younger son decided that he'd want to learn guitar instead because he sees that as "even harder" instrument than the piano, that I actually had an instrument of my own that I had started to play, but had forgotten as time passed by.

Bad mobile phone photo of my recorders.

I play the recorder, both alto and soprano (the one that's often used in schools). I have invested in two good instruments after I heard the song Scarborough Fair in radio, and really wanted to learn to play it on recorder, learned it, and then haven't played for almost a year (if not longer than a year, I have forgotten).

Well, anyway, Yesterday I found this video on Youtube and it got me fired up and practicing it again:

I also ordered a book, probably a pretty difficult one, but definitely something I think might improve my playing if I put my 150% effort into it. I might learn something before collapsing under the weight of the task. :D I might even post videos on my progress.

Well, that's all for today, I hope everyone had fun reading this.

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  ·  9 days ago

@gamer00 thank you so much for your support on my comments!
because of you I'm trying my best to not be hostile and make sure my comments are at least friendly so you won't be misunderstood.

I hope the universe pay you back great karmas as I can only do little. Good luck with your playing and I hope you become so good at it. Keep posting !

  ·  9 days ago

You are welcome! :) It's actually nice to know something I'm doing is making a difference. I didn't even realize that might happen when I started upvoting your comments.

Thanks for your support too! :)

  ·  11 hours ago

@gamer00 Thank you for your support!Yes it makes a massive difference. I really am extra cautious with my comments now. Please don't forget to post again, too and upvote other people's post, too. This way you can earn curation rewards, too.

I hope you enjoy your time here.
Thank you very much again.
I check your page every now and then.. keep posting.
Sometimes, the start is rough but if you do it continuously .. it will soon pay off
Take care wherever you are!

  ·  10 days ago

nice post @gamer00

  ·  10 days ago

Thank you @silvia! I appreciate that. :)

  ·  2 days ago

Apparently I wrote this article in a style similar to Cory Doctorow. Funny. :)