Our newest family member arrived two days ago

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'Cats know how to obtain food without labor, shelter without confinement, and love without penalties."

W.L George

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Categoryanimal photography
CameraNikon D5600 + 50mm 1,8G
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Male or female? Are you bought him/her or found him/her? Or something else?
I am just curious, because he/she reminds me of one of our previous cats. He was a stray cat. We found him around our house. Nowadays we no longer have him. We moved from one house to another around 2012, and the cat just disappeared. We don't know whether he still lives or not, we don't know what happened to him. Based on the photos above, he is/was a little bit bigger than your cat.
I like this blog post, because the first photo in this blog post is showing that you are playing with him/her, and the title says "family member". You probably treat him/her properly. Or even very well. I don't know the backstory and you either, but based on what I saw so far, he/she is probably in a good place with loving owners.

She is just a 10-week-old cat and she was given free to us. :-) She a normal 'catus silvestris', there's nothing special in her bloodline. I used to have cats but it was almost 20 years ago, and I always wanted to have in our home. We did a gentlemen's agreement with my partner: if I gave up vaping (electronic cigarette) we can have a cat. Now, she's here.
Yep, we love animals, we have a german shepherd in the yard, 8 cockatiels (parrots) in an outside aviary and all are treated as a real family member. 😉
I'm really sorry that your cat disappeared. Unfortunately, it has happened to me as well, ages ago, under very similar conditions, when I moved to a new house. It's really painful, these tiny hairy friends can get really close to our hearts.

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"She is just a 10-week-old cat "
Based on her size, I assumed that she is young, but that is really young. That is only two and a half month. She will literally grow up with you.
"8 cockatiels (parrots) in an outside aviary"
That is good. As I know, not many people are keeping parrots in outside aviaries. Especially not cockatiels. Most of the people keeping them in bird cages. Most parrot keepers are keeping mostly bigger parrots in outside aviaries, for example the African greys and Macaws. I also have a bird, but she is not a parrot. A Harris's hawk. She also have an aviary in the garden.

That's interesting, to have a hawk at home! It's not a usual "pet"! 😀

2 years ago, I wrote 3 posts about building the aviary outside.
If you're interested in, you can find them here, here and here.

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Pretty kitty.

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Hey @gabeboy, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!