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One minute I'm just taking it easy, maybe just a small one, but one thing leads to another and next minute I start having a few bigger ones.

Next thing, everything starts to get freaky.

And then I find myself rolling about on the floor making squawking noises.

You might think I would learn, but next day I'm straight back into it.

Do I need to talk about it?

These are photos I took at Lake Okareka New Zealand -


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I'd better knock out some freakier pics for you, this is all a bit landscape

I like the contrast.


So cute!

Nice and pretty creative. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks :)

I miss the gorgeous landscapes of NZ! I think this Kiwi is well overdue for a visit home 😁

It's got some good sights!

You have a unique style with the filters that makes your stuff stick out.

Cheers - now take care with those snakes - here is a zebra!

Thank you for the Zebra!

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What If-


If I don't go far enough I post pencil sketches of shoes because I'm a shoe gazer...

We need better sneakers. Air Max 90's are like my go to or the three in that vein. If I was more dapper, I'd wear a classic simple cut shoe. Boots aren't bad. I have a nice pair of Red Wings I should take out. I need to toss my NB. I kind of hate them.

Interesting, I really like your creativity they definitely stand out.


I might have to commission you for a few fashwave pieces but with your cubist kind of bent come new year for a site.

I'm just gonna put this here:

Still learning on that front.

You should join Twitter or Gab. @caladium is happy she joined Twitter even though she's been punished twice. NatC is a long time user. He's kind of a power user and former superpower user (it's seasonal). Ppl know me |:

We gotta get more overlap and more communal.

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You are obsessed with goats aren't you?

You are obsessed with bums, arses in English and trannies, I will keep my goat addiction, you can keep shit holes lol.

Good work, Thanks for sharing. Followed and upvoted.

Thanks, I usually just do posts about grass...