Frozen Falls and Litterbugs (Original Photography)

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Winter has come to Minnesota in earnest. Today's high temperature was barely above zero degrees Fahrenheit, which is somewhere around -18 C. My Jeep protested strongly, when I started it up this morning, but I let it warm up for a full fifteen minutes before heading toward work.

Last weekend wasn't quite as frigid, but it was certainly chilly enough to begin forming ice on the waterfalls. I managed to make it down to Triple Falls, with hopes of photographing the results.

Sharp, Pointy Ice-Fangs

Over the last couple years, I've noticed a major increase in the number of disrespectful visitors to this waterfall. Unfortunately, not even the frigid temperatures could keep these selfish fools at bay. A previous visitor decided to bring a bunch of tealight candles for, presumably, a romantic evening. Unfortunately, they couldn't be bothered to remove their refuse afterwards.


If it was a romantic get-together, I can only hope that their relationship will be as short-lived as the candles were. It wasn't just candles, either. I'm not even sure what this thing is. Other than an eyesore, i mean.

A "GIft" for Mother Nature?

Still, it wasn't all bad. This next detail shot was an area where water was running in perfict little lines along the stone, sticking to the rock face in an almost unnatural way. I used a longer shutter speed (1/6 second) to get a little movement. The result is a little abstract, but interesting.

Water Defies Gravity

By this weekend, there will be substantially more ice out there at the waterfall. The cold snap is predicted to last through Thursday, which will mean about 72 hours' worth of hard-freezing.

Want a Shower?

I will bring a plastic bag with, next time, so I can haul out other peoples' trash. It makes me angry to have to do that, though. I know the people who do this kind of thing will learn nothing by other people cleaning up after them.

In other news, I also went to the holiday lights show in Mankato's Sibley Park. I've posted about it before, and it's always about the same... but I thought I'd share this with you all anyway. If you click the image, you will get an animated GIF that'll give you an idea of how this "tunnel" plinks. The flashing is synchronized to the music playing.

Do Not Click If You Have Epilepsy

The new job is going pretty well. I have gotten to call Colombia and respond to quite a few emails in Spanish. Still, if anyone knows an eligible Spanish lady who's looking for a husband to bring back to Spain...

Thank you for taking a look! If you enjoy my work, please click the upvote button. Comments are also greatly appreciated.



Oh wow! I'm surprised that I didn't see your breathe in the photos because it looks SO cool there. Beautiful photos and thanks for taking them!! Glad to hear your job is going well! Stay warm and I'm glad you have heated seats!

Thanks! I actually went down there yesterday, picked up the garbage, and took photos of the ice formations. It was about -5F (-21C?), but worth the hand pain.

UGH, now that is cold and incredible that your camera worked.

One of the selling points when I bought this one is that a guy was using the same model on expedition in Antarctica.

Howdy sir fotosdenada! Great job on the photos there, really interesting and unique! People are pigs aren't they? I don't get it. That light tunnel is really cool too!

Thanks! Yeah, I don't know why people can't pick up after themselves, especially in a place like this.

Well I don't want to be too critical but I think most people are idiots and pigs! lol.

Good to see a post from you! That gif is fantastic! People that don't pick up after themselves are disgusting,but even with their trash, your ice photos are spectacular!

Thanks! I need to get down there with a trash bag and clean up after those disrespectful visitors. It's too cold right now, though. I frostbit my hands as a child and they hurt and have no circulation in this weather. Maybe when things warm up a bit this weekend.

My daughter had frostbite on her hands as a kid, too, and she is in so much pain when her hands get cold. Those wet soggy woolen mittens never did any of us any favors.

Frostbite causes a lot of trouble. I can't even carry milk in the grocery store... have to use a basket.

Wow. That is bad. Goretex is a good thing.

I liked that long exposure shot, it was pretty cool. We had a pretty nasty weekend here in Alaska where I live also, but not like yours. It rained on Sat, just enough to get the snow wet, and then the wind blew like a howling banshee, and then it really rained on Sunday. Lots of little power hits power off then back on less than 3 seconds later, and we warmed up to 40 F. that's is slightly above normal. We have been having a pretty warm winter this year so far, only a couple of days in the single digits.

Hope it warms up for you on Thursday.

Thanks! I have heard that Alaska, as well as great swaths of Canada and Siberia, are warming up to the point that the permafrost is thawing and releasing carbon and methane. I bet that would make for some interesting photos, though I don't know how safe it would be to take them.

Hi @fotosdenada, I have a strong dislike for careless people who leave rubbish on Mother Earth. Your photos are superb, love the winter icy look. We are very hot in Australia right now.

Australia sounds lovely about now, hot or not. I have a cousin in Melbourne, but I've never had the chance to visit.

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This is so beautiful 😍

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Amazing place!

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