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This is a rare moment for me. You don't see me posting photographs of bugs because I don't like them. I know most of them have a role in nature but that doesn't make me like them.


Firebugs look interesting because of their red and white colour, they look good on a photo but still don't like them.

Most species feed on seeds or fruits particularly of plants belonging to the Malvales but a few feed on rotting debris including dead animal matter. A few species are predatory; Raxa nishidai is a predator of another pyrrhocorid, Melamphaus faber, while Antilochus coquebertii feeds on other bugs including Dysdercus cingulatus. A few are important crop pests. One species, Dysdercus suturellus, is well known in the southern cotton growing regions of the United States while Dysdercus cingulatus occurs on cotton in tropical Asia. They damage cotton bolls by staining as well as by cutting the fibres. source


Spring is their favourite season of firebugs, you see a bunch of them everywhere. They stay in groups, together.

After reading about them it's not likely I like them more, not at all. I see others taking photographs of bugs and flies but I can't convince myself to do that :)

The only exception is bees 🐝, although I'm afraid of them, sometimes I have the courage to go close to them and take some photos. Last year I've been put to the test and it turns out I'm not allergic to them but I prefer to stay away from them.


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You can find them everywhere here... the entire year.. EVERYWHERE!! ahahah


😯 what's happened to your profile pic?
About these bugs, looks like they like warm temperatures, so I'm safe. Shipping them to you, I don't need them. 😜

They are very cool and good looking but I dislike bugs, just like you.

By the way, surely you meant Red and Black colours. Right?


😁 Right! Sorry, looks like I was tired 😜

These remind me of the milkweed bugs i get around here. Do these molt into a different color after a while?

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No, I don't think so, I know these to be always red and black.