Cappuccino, Ice Cream And A Lake View, Please

in photography •  7 months ago

What's a woman's best friend during that time of the month specially when it's scorching hot? Sugar ... in all forms, 'course nothing beats one that promises all natural ingredients if not organic.


Cappuccino, a scoop of mango - passion fruit and a lake view for two, please. Oh wait, he'll have one "normal coffee" instead".


We were served the view first.


Even that seagull would agree sweets are perfect for such a day. It kept staring at me from out there as if begging to spare him some. The waffle and what tasted like a Danish cookie - pretsel were just a bonus.

I have to admit though, I gave the waiter back the sachet of bleached sugar that was served with the coffee, later. Surprisingly, one scoop was as big as a cup of rice there. I guess that explains the price that made me raise my brow for the 9th time.


I have to admit, I've never had this sort of ice cream in NL and I did intend to buy one in Germany except for we didn't think our cooler would manage to keep it on its yummiest state. It did taste as mango and passion fruit as it promised. For the first time, my taste buds were confused whether there was artificial sugar in it or not.

Hmmm~~~ and lots of hmmm.. were all you could hear on our table and silence when both bowls got emptied.

What came next? Holding hands while whispering sweet nothings in between gushing about the Lake View.


... somewhere in a romantically set up resto of a hotel just along the shore in Brienser See ...


Oh well, we're going to need that much sugar pump to walk back where we came from on this scorching hot day.


"Honey, I just wished we could also order a bit of wind."

You, what's your poison?

This content's 100% mine . I took some of the pics with my D Eye and some with my smartphones.

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Thank you for posting @englishtchrivy.

What lovely very refreshing, is it not....a lovely view.....with such delicacies.

Enjoyed reading of your day out mon ami....delightful.

Wishing you and yours a lovely weekend.

A bientot



I had a great weekend thank you
I hope you did, too

life is sweet, isn't it?
there's a place here that makes tiramisu ice cream, and whenever i go i have two scoops: one tiramisu, one chocolate 😜


it is :)
hey, am glad you're back!
hmmm.. haven't tried tiramisu ice cream yet
that's an idea though I love tiramisu!

Looks you spent very nice moments there! Cappuccino (I love so much cappuccino), ice cream and a lake to watch in relax. Wonderful!


yes, we did ..
perfect combi right ?

Hi!!! I am in love with these photos overlooking the lake:) I am indifferent to ice cream, but coffee is my drug :)


thank you
long time no write :)

if it's black it's still healthy I suppose :)


inspiration sometimes goes away:)
I love black strong and to him a small piece of dark chocolate:) yummy
You had a wonderful view of the lake and the weather - just a fairy tale :)


I totally can relate
yes choc's perfect for black coffee
at home, I'm loyal to black and chocs or mini cakes hihi
it's a lovely place to be
had it not been for that time of the month, I would have swam in there

I love the places where you can have a delicious cup of coffee observing nature. It transmits an incredible calm.

Thanks for sharing


me, 2, 3 & 4 haha

That lake view right there omg i would not leave that place for sure

To be honest with all the 3 things

Cappuccino. Ice-cream and the Lake-view

It sure will be worth the time out in there and it does really looks lovely as well.

You are right that absolutely beautiful view, I would probably also stayed there for longer then just for a cuppa. It is quite often people enjoy their hot drinks with ice-cream so I know from Germany especially in hot summer days. The view is stunnig and I love those lantern they hang on the branches of that strong tree. that might be very romantic in the evening too. The path along the waterside is gorgeous, you see these high mountains and on the right the evergreens and what is the most important not much cars. Wonderful pictures and enjoyed your story too. I bet your cappuccino was delicious :)

Capucino, my favorite drink as a teenager.