Alpine Rainbow

in photography •  3 months ago

Have you ever had such moments when you were supposed to post something but instead you posted something else? This is one of those posts and this isn't my first.


Almost every time it rains in Grindelwald, we saw this.


Perhaps, the whole of it could be seen before I took these shots. I could still see a bit of the silhouette of the mid part slowly fading in the light.


I live in flat land so this isn't a common sight specially one that lasts more than 15 minutes for you to behold and gush about.

I think because it's too green in flat land and we're too much below sea level compared to the Alps, I'd be lucky to find both ends of a rainbow. In the many years that I have been here, I remember seeing just three rainbows and they faded so fast and it's always just a small part of it sticking out of the thick tree tops.

Seeing this reminds me of the window of a unit on the 36th floor of a skyscraper where I could often enjoy watching this or even a twin version of it slowly fade in the smog of the skyline in Boni, Mandaluyong.


Like this snail, we were also soaked walking back to our hotel that day and I remember being told about Noah's Ark and something to do with a rainbow. Do you know what the rainbow means?


Aside from the explanation I learned about it in Science, I find this - God's way of showing off and He's but to behold!

I've decided sharing this to you because after a few scorching summer hot weeks that burned even the trees around here, the heavens have finally been crying for days ^ ^.

So I've been hearing much; "Niet normaal" meaning it's unusual - and it has been unusually tropical hot these days so thanks for the rain and a rainbow would be a bonus ^ ^.


This content's 100% mine . I took these pics with my smartphone.

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Thank you for posting these lovely photographs and musings dear @englishtchrivy.

So happy to hear you have received rain.

Yes....the rainbow...a symbol of God's integrity.

Wishing you all the best.

A bientot.



thanks mon ami

yes, finally
yesterday it was sunny though
and just cool

but today, the heavens was a bit dreary
but at least my arms could rest from manually pumping for water in my veggie garden
we only have water pumps in there :D
the weeds are catching up to the greens though :D
and am worried for the coming back of snails
they have been long gone you know

oh yeah, He has much of that
we .. may be humbled
integrity wise, we all have a tendency to suck at this :D

I hope you're having fun out there!

So beautiful! A rainbow is a reminder of God's promise.
@bitsy :)


so I heard :)

👍 👍 👍 👍

How nice that I play the "normal Niet", thanks to this vivstes these beautiful postcards, I like the rainbow very much, it seems a magical thing, in my province we say that the end of the rainbow jay a pot of iron with gold coins, Snail looks happy in the rain. I imagine that view of the 36th floor, something precious to enjoy, the prima fotogarfia is beautiful, it would seem that the arcoirs end over the cabin
Thank you very much dear friend @englishtchrivy for including us in this beautiful walk
I wish you a prosperous week


thank you

that's a myth
if you want to find that pot of iron gold
keep posting here ;)

Well even if it that kind of post we simply all loved it that was glorious to check out simply outstanding