Spending My Wednesday Market in Accra

in photography •  8 months ago

Every Wednesday is a market day in Sunyani and some parts of Ghana. Since I wasn't in Sunyani today, I decided to visit the Achimota retail center opposite St. John's Grammar School off the Accra - Nsawam highway.
I visited 'The Outlet' boutique and 'Sweet Roses' restaurant.

The Outlet


IMG_20180404_140415.jpgChecking footwears

Sweet Roses Restaurant

IMG_20180404_140701.jpgGetting a plate of rice

This is how I spent my market day.😊

IMG_20180404_145346.jpgYou are invited to join me

Thank you for reading

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Love the kicks and your dish 😂


I love them too, but i did a window shopping there

Awww that market. It only comes alive on Wednesdays. Nice place the achimota mall is. You should sponsor an outing soon


Dont worry, as steem is rising, everyone will get his share of this outing too...especially #teamaccra

I like the foot wears


Oh sure...same applies to me, with sbds, we can get as many as we wish to have.
Are there steemit branded kicks???😏

I need some of that rice 😋


Yhyh..will get yours for you once we get to accra after vacations