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RE: Fifth Day of Christmas and Five Golden Rings

in #photography3 years ago

Really? How cool is that? Now, that is what I call a for-real coincidence, right? What are the chances of that happening, and yet it did! :) That put a big ole smile on my face!

Oh, there are so many truths in all these kids songs, it is hard to separate truth from fiction. I will address that later in the week. :)

Thank you so much and may 2020 be the best year ever!!! As for a true friend, they don't come any true bluer than you!

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Well if it put a smile on your face then I am happy my friend,
I think that many "kids songs" have interesting histories, not only Christmas ones and you might have a great idea here to separate facts from fiction.
Blessings from your "true bluer" friend Lol

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