Playing With My Camera: Sunset

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Playing With My Camera: Sunset

Did ever happened to you that you are doing something ordinary, and that out of nowhere, you witness some scene that you just have to photograph? That's exactly how this picture was taken. I was riding a car, and I was in middle of nowhere. All I could see around me was endless fields of crops and some power lines. And then mother nature decided to blow off my mind with this sunset ;)


Camera info: Canon PowerShot SX50 HS
Photo info: ISO-80, f/4, 1/250 sec @10mm
Post processing: Minor color corrections in Adobe Lightroom CC

I decided to contribute SteemIt with some of photo works as well. In Playing With My Camera Series, I'll post some photos which do not have travel story beneath and cannot be part of Travel Blog Series. Photos in this series will be carefully chosen among others as technically superior.
Hope you will enjoy in them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

I would like to candidate this photo for @juliank daily contests
in category #colourfulphotography and #goldenhourphotography
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Happens frequently that there is some scene that i feel should be frozen in time. Then i forget to take my hand off the throttle and the scene flies by!

Good, that you stopped and clicked what you liked. That's the way it should be


Haha... it was quite hard to stop actually; I was on highway. Fortunately, there was a stop area in next mile, so I use it. But so often, I have no place to stop, or even worse - have no time, and miss the shot. Usually when I travel relaxed, I warn people that we may stop for no obvious reason ;) My kids don't even bother to ask anymore :)

thx for sharing


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Wow! Yeah you caught this at a great time. Mother Nature usually has the best scenes for any picture taking.


Yes, agree my friend. Whatever we maid, is just shallow copy of true masterpiece ;)