Cannibalistic Baby

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I had 2 photos shoots in one day

One of them included 3 sets of photos for one client. She wanted to do a spooky Halloween theme for her baby. I hooked her up! Below are some of the results!

NIKON D3400 + ISO 560 + AP F5.0 + FL 40mm + ET 1/250s + Editied in LR

NIKON D3400 + ISO 450 + AP F5.6 + FL 55mm + ET 1/250s + Editied in LR

NIKON D3400 + ISO 400 + AP F5.0 + FL 34mm + ET 1/250s + Editied in LR

NIKON D3400 + ISO 450 + AP F3.8 + FL 24mm + ET 1/250s + Editied in LR

I love doing creepy macabre work. Some may think this is highly inappropriate for a photoshoot with a 1 year old. I however think this is awesome. Sometimes it shows the terror these little beings can actually be.

Props used included not fully set strawberry jello, a rubber brain and heart, and some other stuff found at thrift store.

Thanks for Viewing... Have a GREAT THURSDAY EVERYONE!

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That's a great set of photos for the family photo album, just imagine when that Baby is a teenager and they pull out these photos! !COFFEEA 15

These will make a great photo album addition for sure

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Haha Liz. Looks like could be a Halloween movie with the baby as the terror. 🎃

Yes... "Killer Baby" In theaters soon!

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What cool and yes a bit Macabre shoots that must have been fun to do

What cool and yes a
Bit Macabre shoots that must
Have been fun to do

                 - tattoodjay

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Oh this was so much fun... I can't wait til whatever we come up with next year

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I am sure you will come up with awesome ideas :)

Those are brilliant! Fantastic idea and great results!

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Thanks. We had so much fun doing this.. surprisingly we didnt even stain the baby's skin either washed right off!

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Woah. I... kinda love this. But... kinda feel bad that I love it?!? LOL This is macabre to the max

Don't feel bad.. it's done all in fun and games and no babies were harmed in the process!

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Something tells me that this young lady will love these photos when she's older.

Too cool for school! ;-)

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Thanks!!! Ahe has a very eccentric mother and aunt!!! This will most definitely be one for the books

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I have a friend in Florida who started a Hallowe'en haunted house in her yard, when her kids were little, so that she would know they were safe.

It ultimately grew into a family, then neighborhood tradition, and has since brought literally hundreds of friends together over the years.

And, needless to say, her kids still LOVE Hallowe'en!

found it in #pypt, that's very scary yah know. A child eating flesh, haha good stuff..

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Thanks!!! Lol.. she was hungry and her mom forgot to feed her son she ate her mom

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nqh... don't go that far, that will be too

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