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The first photo shows the "Valley of the ten Peaks", which was made famous after its image appeared on the Canadian $20 bill (maybe it should have been on the $10 instead!). The highest of the 10 peaks is known as Deltaform Mountain and is 3,424m (11,234ft).


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"Sunset in June"


"the Daily Pic #39"

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I love the beauty of the United States, but I envy the Canadian Rockies! Seeing those photos just makes me long to pack up my canoe and head north to disappear for awhile!

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I love your post @daveks Thank you for the honor of being your featured spotlight. Blessings!


Thank you and blessings to you as well @pilgrimtraveler!

I really like the last one with your family. That water is so light blue. I can't get over it.


Thank you @runrudy and btw congrats on that excellent spiderweb entry!


No problem. Hey congrats on those excellent looking kids you got : ) Have a great weekend.


Thanks bud, you too!

Looks great, and I like that you link some other options at the end of your posts.


Thanks @papa-pepper, it's a great way to showcase excellent work!

as usual, great photos daveks


I appreciate that thanks @unipsycho!

Amazing place..i would love to visit!


Yes , highly recommended @starline!