Anacacho/Texas Plume/Butter-fly/Bauhinia Orchid Tree - Skoenlapperorgideeboom (Afrikaans)

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This exotic looking flower comes from the well-known Butterfly Orchid tree which is considered invasive in South Africa as they compete with our indigenous trees. Bauhinia purpurea (Fabaceae) is the scientific name.


In winter, these trees are filled with colourful blooms of Magenta and white flowers creating a magnificent picture in your winter garden. There are nearly 300 species of Bauhinia.


This tree is native to India, China and Texas. They are in full bloom early to mid-winter and are moderate to fast growing. This tree can survive drought but cold temperatures under -1 degrees Celsius kills them.


They have thick twin lobed/butterfly like/cloven hoof print leaves of a 100mm long. This is an evergreen tree. The tree has clusters of orchid flowers ranging from white, pink and violet. The fruits are green and elongated pods of up to 100mm long.


They can reach a height of 6-9m, thrive in full sun and do well in partial shade. Need well-drained soil and should be watered regularly (at least once a week) but be careful of over watering.


I absolutely fell in love with this tree and was quite sad when I discovered it is invasive, my dream of having this blooming beauty in front of my house was shattered to pieces.


Enjoy your gardening this week!!

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It is sad when such a beautiful flower is invasive. Do you have to cut the tree down or can you continue to have it in front of your house? It is so sad because some places have little to no vegetation and would love to have something like your tree. Such is life.....too much of a good thing. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am trying to emulate you by trying to write more. My daughter is happy because she feels it keeps my brain alert :D! Have a blessed Sunday and happiness. Thank-you for always being so supportive.......:D Cabbagepatch

Thank you my dear friend. They control the amount of these trees especially in certain provinces where they are more aggressive. I am so happy to hear that, need to make a turn on both you and your daughter's posts. I thought I will have more time now that I have a study break but it feels like I will never have enough hours in a day to do all that I am suppose to. Pray that you will enjoy good health and an excellent week. Keep smiling.

Beautiful shots, this flower is really scarce, in Colombia is our patriotic symbol, thanks for the great publication ley_198_de_19951.jpg

Thank you for this interesting information day1. This is what I love most about steemit, we learn from each other by sharing.

Wooow!! al verla se me hacía conocida y si!!... la he visto, es muy bonita, incluso es usada en la medicina tradicional, no estoy muy seguro pero creo que es para la diabetes o algo así, xD! Slds desde Colombia. ;)

OMG, i think I found what the same type of flowers I posted before and like I just found the name from this post. Thanks.
That's what I had before.

Hello, my dear friend ace108. You and I love the same things it seems. Yes, they are exactly the same, yours have a deeper pink than ours in South Africa. I wonder if the pH of the soil has something to do with it. Enjoy a lovely week.

There's also a few more near my inlaws place but I've not seen any blooming as much as yours here.

Love the tree--and the photos are incredible. Thanks @crazymumzysa

Thank you very much bigpada.

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Not a problem at all, it is beautiful.

amazing really amazing my vote is small thing for your post it deserve more

Thank you farhannaqvi7, it is not all about the amount of money, it is about me sharing what is beautiful to me and you appreciating it. Enjoy a fabulous week.

yes you are right :)

Ah I wish I had that kind of tree in front of my house ! It's beautiful.

I think we all do trendo. I would have the most beautiful flowers in my house and outside for months.

A very good post and quality greetings from @abupasi.alachy

Thank you very much abupaso.alachy. enjoy a lovely week.

Ooo, that tree produces beautiful flowers!!

It is more majestic in real life. Thank you awesome-seven. Enjoy a lovely week.

Beautiful tree and pictures. I would love to have a tree like this one.

Thank you for your support team101, I truly appreciate it. Enjoy a wonderful week.

Beautiful colors!✌👏

Thank you mae09, love this picture of yours.

Wow! Amazing orchid tree! Thanks for your post. I didn't know about it.

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I Love flowers, really nice pic

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WoW sir amazing pictures i am loving this nature beauty which you capture in your camera.

Thank you adnanrabbani, these photos are captured with my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. I am not a photographer.

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Your so welcome

Where you from my friend ? i want to know which country to belong to @ronaldmcatee

I am from South Africa ronaldmcatee. But these trees are native to Asia and Texas. Luckily my country is warm enough to grow them.

Gardening is my favourite way to spend time. Thank you.

I find it relaxing and healing, my place to think. Thank you lucky.digger. Enjoy a Fabulous week.

Well-made publications that talk about nature are always pleasing

Thank you, agcoefficiente10. Love your user name. Nature is my safe haven. Whenever I am stressed I just need to look around me and soak up the beauty to calm down.

that's an amazing tree it gives amazing shade and the flowers are so beautifull,really nice @crazymumzysa

Thank you lordcarlo297. It is truly more beautiful than on these photos.

Beautiful photos Great job! Keep up the good work.I follow you.Do not forget to vote in my post. Thank you.

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Such sharp and clear pictures .

Thank you admyrer, all the credit must go to my excellent phone.

Garden is really a friend @crazymumzysa Awesome photography,specially close shoots looks very nice.

Thank you irfansardar. It is my good phone capturing these shots. I am not professional at all.

the photos are very beautiful, one should know, what lens you use to retrieve the object as such,,,,,,,,?

Great looking flower! Love all pictures.

that is a beautiful flower tree.

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