Our Annual Family Photos 2009-2017 (9 photos)

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Watch our family grow in this fun archive of our annual Christmas card photos (2009-2017). Luke (@lukestokes) and I have been married since 2004, so these pics don't go all the way back to the very beginning....just back to when we started having kids.

I gathered these photos just now, thinking it would be fun to have them all in one folder on my computer. A fun way to look back at our family over time. Just one photo per year. 

I took the last four photos myself (2014-2017) after I started getting into photography and got a decent DSLR (Canon Rebel T3). The ones for 2015-2017 I took using a tripod and shutter timer.

Putting this photo here for the sake of the thumbnail image for this post.... You'll see a larger version at the end of the post :)











Beautiful family!

Beautiful family.
Mine are pretty close to that in age.
We have two boys then a girl.

I love being a Dad :)

lol what a naughty (sweet ) face has the oldest ! In belgium they have the expression, you are not on to new potatoes yet....

Same here brother. Nothin' better in the world. Mine are 3 and 6 :) Beautiful families guys. The one's who aren't there yet or choose not to be don't know what they're missing...................

Thanks :) And thanks for sharing yours....

love it ! your biggest girl is a real daddys girl :-) the expressions on her face, remind me how i feld when i was a child in surroundings of my dad. He always made me feel so special. Really nice all true happy faces.

Awww....thanks :)

Thanks for showing your happiness !

Such good photos, you have a great looking family :)

thanks for sharing....awesome photos of your family...awesome

Thank you so much :)

Those are great pictures! It is crazy how fast time goes by and the kids grow up!

Beautiful family. It is great a great way to catalogue how the family changes from year to year. The photos are excellent. You have done a nice job with settings.

Thanks :) I saw a friend do something like this on Facebook several years ago. He had his family's Christmas photos from 15 or 20 years and I just thought that was the coolest thing to watch his kids grow up and him and his wife change over the course of the years. Now that I got the folder started on my computer, it will be easy to add each year's photo to keep it going.

Insane how fast kids grow; great pictures! I'm also noticing a love for pink, it would seem ;)

Thanks! As for the pink....well, the girls have a lot of pink in their wardrobes, so when I'm trying to pick out coordinating outfits for us all, it's hard to avoid ;) I have not thus far gone to the store to buy special photo outfits...just used whatever we already had.

well I'll be waiting for next year when your husband is showcasing the hot pink ;)

I know this is 2 months ago but I can't help but smile seeing everybody. Seems like Mr Stokes Jr is always losing his front tooth :)

The story of his teeth: When Devon was 3, he wasn't looking where he was going and slammed his face right into the kitchen counter. He broke one of his front teeth in half and damaged the other one. We had to have both of those front teeth pulled. We then had to just wait for his permanent teeth to grow in. Normally, kids don't start losing teeth til around age 6 or 7, so it was a loooooong time before he started getting the permanent teeth to finally grow in. Even when one finally grew in, the other one took a way long time to grow in. That second one still looks like it needs to come down a little further. Hopefully it does, though maybe he might need braces to really fix it in the future???

Ouch. My children sometimes don't look where they're going and slamming their faces on walls, some bruises but not broken teeth. I hope his teeth grow just fine without the braces! My son's teeth came out crooked and I told him to keep pushing it with his tongue while it's still "flexible" and it came out fine now.

It has been so fun watching you all grow. Hope to see you all next month. :D

We'll be there! Looking forward to the sunshine :) Here's what it looks like at our house today.

Love seeing the family grow! I'd do something similar, but (1) we don't do Christmas pics, and (2) it'd be a REALLY long post (have 5 kiddos, the oldest of which turned 18 yesterday, and the youngest being 15 months...). :-)

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