Random photo #39 - drilling water wells in Mozambique

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For those who don’t know - there is no running water in these rural villages. At this particular village the women and children have to walk almost 2 kilometers (just over a mile) to get to the Limpopo River! Once there, they have to scoop as much water as they can / are willing to carry all the way back to their huts. Not many families have a wheelbarrow (that is a luxury item, I think I only saw one in this village) so the water has to be carried back to the village in a bucket balanced on their heads. As you can imagine, this is a daily task that requires a huge amount of time and effort and allows for a very limited amount of water to be used by each family per day.

Thus, not only do we try and feed the folks in Mozambique the Gospel (which is absolutely essential and key to our trips), but we also try and meet some immediate needs - like drilling water wells.

Here is a pic of our SAMIL truck (it is MASSIVE) with our new drill we imported from the States. But more on that in a later post…


Team South Africa banner designed by @bearone

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Equipment used:
Canon 6D
Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM

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Great. This is nice to hear that you are working on the water issue there. It bothers me so much that we can build unending oil pipelines but fail to provide the most essential good of earth to the people that need it most.
I wish you the best success.
Cheers mate!

In general, the human race is quite cruel hey 😳
Thanks for the kind words man ☺️

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Great works, I wish you success

We can get into the semantics about it not being about "works" - nonetheless, thanks a mil for the comment 😎

I agree! 😄

Thanks what an inspiring post! 😄

Thanks for the comment @pjcswart 👍🏻👍🏻

You're welcome, and all the best for your further "work"! 😄

Thanks man ☺️

You're welcome.

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@cheeto.blue Thanks for sharing. Love it.

Thanks for stopping by ☺️

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Water is a luxury to many and it is wonderful to see places getting help @cheeto.blue

It's amazing to see how other people live and how blessed we truly are...

Great initiative. The Samil is a go anywhere truck, they are just amazing. How deep can you drill with your new drill?

They're amazing trucks!!
Wow, I know they old us, but I can't even remember 😆

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