Borran's Nature Photography: Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Common Cuckoo!

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I was lucky to see the Common Cuckoo the other day. You hear them quite often but it's not so often you see them because they are very shy.
But it's more likely to see them now in August or September when they are moving southward to Africa.
Cuckoos are very strange birds, here are some amazing facts about them:
- In Europe, hearing the call of the common cuckoo is regarded as a sign that spring has arrived.
- The cuckoo is a brood parasite; it lays its eggs in the nests of other birds. At the appropriate moment, the hen cuckoo flies down to the host's nest, pushes one egg out of the nest, lays an egg and flies off. Then it leaves the offspring to be hatched and fed by the ‘foster parents’.
- When the chick hatches, it will roll the other eggs out of the nest by pushing them over the edge. If the host's eggs hatch before the cuckoo's, the cuckoo chick will push the other chicks out of the nest in a similar way.
- A cuckoo chick’s call can be so loud and demanding when it's hungry that it can persuade other birds to feed it.
Quite selfish and evil bird isn't it?


Shutter Speed1/160 sec


Shutter Speed1/160 sec


Shutter Speed1/160 sec

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Shot with: Nikon Coolpix P900/Nikkor 83X Wide Optical Zoom 4.3-357mm f/2.8-6.5.

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@borran when I learned about how the baby cuckoo birds push birds out of nests I thought that was amazing. Insects do simular things.. laying eggs in other insects homes to consume the larva.

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Okay, I didn't know insects do that too. Interesting!

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Very selfish fellow. I don't think I have ever seen one. Thanks for posting to #feathered Friday!

Ok! I think you don't have them over there.

Common cuckoo
The common cuckoo (Cuculus canorus) is a member of the cuckoo order of birds, Cuculiformes, which includes the roadrunners, the anis and the coucals.
This species is a widespread summer migrant to Europe and Asia, and winters in Africa. It is a brood parasite, which means it lays eggs in the nests of other bird species, particularly of dunnocks, meadow pipits, and reed warblers. Although its eggs are larger than those of its hosts, the eggs in each type of host nest resemble the host's eggs.