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RE: Going Up 3, 571 Meters By Train

in #photography6 years ago

Greetings @englishtchrivy.

What a lovely post......beautiful scenic photographs and interesting essay mon ami.

Sounds like a lovely place to happy that you have had opportunity to do so.

Where is I-bee? I missed seeing him enjoy the beautiful are probably going to tell me he is a she.....right? hehe.

A bientot!


hi ya mon ami
you're also online
what a coincidence :D

yes, it was nice
I - bee was in the bag during this time
she was afraid of heights and was scared she'd get lost from the crowd

she did get to relax and enjoy the view later on


btw, have a great weekend!

Sweet.......thank you.

Great protrait of I - bee. ^__^

Thank you for your kind's toasting to a lovely week end.

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