Chickweed, Macro Photo 1

in photography •  11 months ago


A macro photo of a Chickweed just beginning to flower in my garden. Often called bindweed here in the area I live, this ubiquitous weed seems to grow everywhere in my yard. While obnoxious in the extreme, the small, white flowers are quite pretty.

Here is the full length photo:



Photo Take by @bigpanda
Photo Taken with: Pixel 2 Phone with a Moment Macro Lens attached
Photo Taken on: March 10th, 2018

**Picture taken by me with my phone. All rights reserved. You may not use these images without express written permission from @bigpanda.

Resteems much appreciated.

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I had a play with macro photography, but waiting for the weather to warm up before I do any more.

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Hey man, much appreciated. Thanks for making things right and for the extra upvotes. You're a solid dude!


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rally nice folwer and phoyography is also awesome,upvote done

beautiful flowers, again blooming, thank you for sharing @bigpanda, success for you, always happy friend.

thank you very much, for that refund, thank you

Wonderful your flower photography ..Flower is symbol of love..

Great post friend ✌️

This is so lovely

wonderful your photography..i loved your photo

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Hermosas fotografías amiga, te felicito buen post

just wow.keep it up

Nice click 😊
Very beautiful flower

What wonderful photos, I like your work. Keep it up, successes and blessings for you!

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the photo is interesting to look at. I like this post.

spring arrives now with its new life flowers are blooming

I dont see a weed like on this picture, but the picture convinced me that it is worth a flower. Amazing macrophoto.