UK PHOTOGRAPHY - 900 year old church!!! Fujifilm Finepix S9900W

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This Church was built c1200! The ruins are in Nottinghamshire, UK and this church is the burrial ground for the Musters-Chaworth family, major land owners in the Midlands for centuries.


graves antique.JPG

musters chaworth headstone.JPG

You can barely make out the writing on the headstones anymore...
chaworth musters.JPG


Some of the headstones are so old that there is no writing left at all!...


headstone 4.JPG

Rest in Peace my friends, I hope it brings comfort that you are still in our thoughts to this day.

These Images were taken using my Fujifilm Finepix S9900W and edited using the Antique filters on PhotoScape.

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Thank you for looking, @beautifulbullies xx

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Pretty trippy being in a graveyard

and think, there's all left ! and then, even your name gets lost . thank you, I really enjoyed the post and the pictures. Do you know, does this family still exist or not?

Yes! The musters family still own a sizable amount of land in the area still to this day! :)

this pictures are really good!

Looks creepy, nice photos and great post

Nicely done📸 @beautifulbullies the Old Church goes well with the old photo effect. Thanks for sharing😊

thank you :) Glad you liked it!

Wow!!! You truly are an artist!! You put your soul in the work you do

Thank you so much :)

First post ever read and it's a good one. Gratz! I've actually been to this place. It's bloody lovely, there's a stream with a nice bank like a stones throw away, it's where I would have the idea to propose to my now wife. Thank you for the memory boost :D

Awww I am so happy to be your first post and especially to bring fond memories back to you! :) Thank you for your comment!

Interesting and like the photos! Not living too far from this church... Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire has some amazing places to visit. I have just made a post of beautiful images in the Peak District National Park. Thanks for sharing:)

I shall check it out! thanks for the link! Following you now too :)

Wow, this church looks really cool. Great snapshots you've got there, @beautifulbullies! Nottinghamshire is in England I believe, I imagine this is where you are from? I've got several colleagues from around that area.

Best Regards,
Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

yes, you are right! Nottingham is in the East Midlands in England :) Thank you for your comment

Wow! It's beautiful. Fantastic photography.

Monastery Sopocani, built in 12 century and still standing to this day. There's something amazing about churches that were built so long ago but still standing as from the first day.

wow! Still fully intact! this is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

Great photos of the past. Wonderful post. Sleep too like to photograph old buildings and monuments.
Our city was founded in 1566. Although he suffered greatly during the war, but there are many ancient buildings.

I love historical buildings, so many stories to tell!

thank you so much :)

Built in 1200? How does one even wrap their minds around that?

I know! It's crazy! Thank you for your comment :)

I love seeing cool pictures like this! Looking forward for more! 😊 FOLLOWED!

Drop by on my blog I have some great shots too.☺

I will check your blog out thanks!

Thanks ma'am. ☺

That place is so awesome it looks scary, rather than beautiful. It give me the vibes while seeing those photos.

Yes, it was quite serene during the day, but I wouldn't like to go there at night! :O thank you for your comment :)

Nice shots, I love old ruins, and how nature claims them back. But you can still feel the history! Also your style of photography, the borders really add to the shots cracking!

Thank you! :D that is very kind of you to say! Yes, I have a few 'mossy' shots too, but I still need to edit them. There is an ivy picture that I posted yesterday I think that had completely covered one wall of the Hall next to the church!

My favorite photo is the first one, with the church. I don't know if I care so much for the old photograph effect, but I really did the colors here: yellow and green. I also like the angle, its like being a zombie crawling up from the grave. Thanks for sharing!

haha well the angle is like that because I am short xD I am only 4 ft 10 inches tall! lol Glad you liked the photo and thank you for your comment :)

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Nice photographs, but not my idea of fun tripping around a church grave yard...I have upvoted and re steemed you , please upvote me and resteem ...thanks

thank you :)

great publication, very interesting has my vote, greetings.

Do you recommend using this digital compact cameras vs DSLRs for beginners, i wanna try photography

I am really not the best person to ask lol I am only just starting out with photography myself! :) All I know is that It isn't great for macro images, so I am trying to save for a better camera with a macro lens option, sorry I couldn't be more helpful :)

I want to visit places like that. It's so interesting to learn how people lived back then

I will be touring the UK visiting lots of historical sites and blogging about them, so you can always join me in a virtual journey :D But yes, I would recommend visiting places like this, you can really feel the history better in person

Yeah that leads to wisdom that money can't buy. I'll be following your page

Thank you so much, glad to have you along for the journey :) following you too

Awesome photos. Now i follow you.

wow great posts

Nice writeup

Beautiful scenery and exotic. I hope you always healthy. thanks for sharing.

Beautiful bologg...👌👍

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really beautiful, outstanding finding! :)

awesome collection

Nice Church and the photography was really awesome. I wanna visit it once in my life

you should :)

Very interesting shots. Crazy to think about what kind of history / life went on there.

lord byron's (the poet) former lover mary chaworth used to live in the hall right next door! This is her family burial ground, I wonder if she sleeps here...

Nice post, thanks for sharing!

They just don't make ANY buildings like this anymore. I don't think there will be many 900 year old buildings that aren't in ruins with current construction practices.

very true. I'm not sure my house will last 90 years let alone 900! Lol

Great shots! nothing like a good old cemetery walk! :) Nunhead cemetery in London is great for photos too

thanks for the tip! I will have to visit one day! I'm a bit to far, but if I am down that way, I will defo take a look :)

Are you happy with the Fuji? How did you do the boarders to your pictures

I am semi happy with the camera although I love macro shots and it isnt up to the job with those unfortunately.
the boarders were done using the antique filters on PhotoScape software

There is a sense of history that comes through in the pictures.. beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

you are welcome :) Thank you for your comment!

nice blogg beautyfull

Nice article. I like your post, Thanks for sharing

nice post ...

Great post. I like your witting and your photos. Well done. :)

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It is a history with full of peaceful

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Best post....

Thank you for posting lots of content and effort in all the posts you do on steemit 👌🏼look forward to the next post .......

I love spectacular church architecture! God bless you

thank you so much :) God Bless You too!

nice very nice

thanks for your comment :)

hey beautifullbullies!! very nice picture. and informative post indeed. keep going ur good work

thank you :)

Nice post..
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So lovely. I also love graveyards. Being in the USA we don't have things as old, but being in one of the older states Massachusetts, we have what is old to us. My favorite graveyard has graves from 1600's as our area was part of England before we became the USA (I wish we had remained part of England honestly) I always find serenity and peace in old graveyards.

Thank you for your reply. Yes, there is something peaceful about graveyards...well in the daytime at least lol
I have been to another famous Graveyard today actually, the resting place of Lord Byron! I am writing a post about it, but it probably won't be ready until later this week as I have to go through a million photos :)

That's methuselas church.

wow so gorgeous and the many history behind!

thank you :)

Old buildings are very beautiful and unique.

I agree :) They have so many stories to tell us

Yes for sure :) there are lots of them in my country, Georgia and I will try to make some posts about them too

I look forward to seeing them! :)

i htink that this church was looking so nice in this place,because it was old church in here

it made me feel great!

Beautiful,like it

beautiful, i'd love to visit England someday

You should come and visit England if you get chance :)

i liked the photos. Light and leisure passing post. enjoyed.

thank you

Really beautiful photos! But the place, that looks amazing! I love structures like this!

thank you so much! :)

This is really history!
Thanks for sharing.
I´d loved to read this Post and to see this pictures * _ *

glad you like it! Plenty more to come :)

I´m looking forward to it!!

Beautiful pictures.

Excellent Photos of an ancient church.

Nice work from you indeed!

glad you like it!

it's amazing, I hope to learn from you. Thanks

Beautiful photos!To see structures that old is just not possible here in the US.. i need to get out (of the nation) more often.

you should visit europe if you get the chance, there are so many ancient buildings to see!

Lovely pictures again! I am wonderinf how the Fujifilm S9900W serves you. It seems to serve you well! I have a thing for camera's running on AA batteries. Especially because I totally love to use Eneloop rechargeable NIMH cells. These work very well with my Canon SX160IS, but I noticed the Fujifilm you have and wonder: Is the telezoom good? Cause that would be my main interest in getting one. Thank you for your contributions!

it is ok i guess, but I would prefer a better camera :) ideally with a macro lens

this photo very nice

Nice pictures @beautifulbullies I am also a photographer (natural light photographer ), your style of edit is awesome. You definitely have a new follower. Looking forward to your next blog post.

thank you so much! I have another historical piece coming soon :) just finishing the editing...

oww that great and nice nature

Very nice. I really like the vintage effect t on the photos, they really look like old polaroid snaps.

thank you ☺

Indeed very eerie but great photos!!

That's what I thought: eerie! I would not go to a place like that to take pictures.

That's Amazing!!! There are some pretty old ones in my country. I'm from Brazil. I Loved you pics!!! I'll keep with you =D

You should take some pictures too! I would love to see them :)

Beautiful photos thanks for sharing

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Think of the stories those grounds could share. The lives of the people and the challenges they faced. Thanks for sharing these photos, turned me a bit introspective, which I was not expecting as I start work today.

:) thank you for your comment. Yes, it must have been so different back then! Better and worse, for so many reasons.

Very good work
Thank you for all this picture

Great photography i like it its amazing @beautifulbullies

i request you plz upvotes my comments.

Hello everyone can help me upvote my Post and Follow me i'll upvote and Follow you back

This is really good.

Thank you! Glad you like it :)

cool! interesting ..might look freaky but nice to see!

yea, I wouldn't want to go there at night though lol thank you for commenting! :)

Amazing images.

When I have been in England I have always loved churches

we have some really beautiful churches here :)

Great effect. You can feel the history.

This pictures are really nice. I like your post

I like the old buildings. this building has a history that when told would be very interesting

absolutely! I wish it could talk. Can you imagine the stories it would tell! :D

maybe i can imagine it. :D

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