Squirrel eating from the top of a Tree

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

My #animalphotography of a squirrel.
Name: squirrel
Location: Dhaka
Device: Huewai Honor 6x
কাঠবেড়ালি! কাঠবেড়ালি! পেয়ারা তুমি খাও?
গুড়-মুড়ি খাও? দুধ-ভাত খাও? বাতাবি-নেবু? লাউ?
বেড়াল-বাচ্চা? কুকুর-ছানা? তাও-
ডাইনি তুমি হোঁৎকা পেটুক,
খাও একা পাও যেথায় যেটুক!


This photo is for the contest of #smartphonephotography
This is one of my @originalworks

Details about my photography

If you like my work feel free to Upvote ,Comment and Resteem

Device:Huewai Honor 6x
Location:Dhaka, Bangladesh
Lens:Built in with phone
Date:1st June 2018


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Kool photo! Thanks for posting it

It means a lot that you commented on my post. Thanks a lot sir, @jkenny

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Awesome Work!

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