BnW Urban Photography transformed into Abstract Artwork [collab withy @lordemau]

in photography •  2 years ago

I usually am able to create a hunderd edits from a single photo, but I need some interesting starting photo, so today I start from a very cool urban shot by my friend @lordemau, to use it for my purposes.

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Let's start with the original photo, it's taken in Brazil some years ago, it's the Rock Gallery in São Paulo; I like the black'n'white, minimal and industrial look of it.

visit @lordemau Steemit page for more photography like this!

Spherical Edits with Roll World

Now let's start editing and transforming this shot into something quite different.
This time I used RollWorld App - iTunes link here in its free version (the paid version has video animations too).
It's quite a versatile app to create spherical panoramas and tiny planets.

Kaleidoscope edits with Kaleidomatic

Next steps are done with Kaleidomatic App, it basically creates mirrors and transform the picture to a more abstract, symmetrical image.

Verification and License

All pictures are under the Creative Commons license, please visit my web page and @lordemau web page to see more artworks and verify our authorship.

Please leave your feedback and follow me @andrew0 and @lordemau

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Thank you so much! Check our feeds for more :)


Thank you for your inspiration and shot!


Thank you so much! :)

I love every single one of them :) Great work :)


Thank you so much :)

Oh my gosh @andrew0--these are all awesome shots. Thanks for sharing the apps you used too. This is definitely my kind of art--at least one of my kinds!!

Would love you to come play with a Steemit Artist's Collaboration. We are building a portfolio of Steemian Collaboration Works and a strong artists' community at the same time. The new collaboration is beginning today. I hope you consider joining us.

Upvoted--I'm already following you.


Thank you so much @everlove
I will be very happy to partecipate :)

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