Tristan Otto - 66 million years old - Photo - Impressions

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Tristan Otto was discovered in Montana, USA in 2010. It originates from Hell Creek Formation and is approximately 66 million years old. It took two years of labor to chisel out the bones from the rock; 170 bones were found.

Tristan's skull is one of the best preserved skulls in the world. In total 50 of the 55 skull bones were found. Some bones were found in several fragment, others were naturally fused.

 All of this, and more in Berlin. All photos are mine, taken with Panasonic Lumix GX80, 1232 lens, at Museum für Naturkunde.

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Top notch. I saw one recently in a Scottish museum but it didn't look as good as this!


They had a few other dinosaurs, but this one was impressive.


It sure is!

Amazing how long it takes to get these out of the ground. A lot of patience. Gorgeous photos of the beast, really well done.

When we worked in the woods, we used to sit around at lunch and discuss what life would be like if dinosaurs still wandered around. It was fun, and a bit wonky to think about. A small lizard looks at you with a totally blank stare that suggests absolutely nothing besides -"food?" What if the little lizard weighed in at 55 Tons? "Run away, run away..."


I like to remind people, from time to time, that chickens are actually dinosaurs.
So, some people eat dinosaurs for lunch; that's an interesting thing.

@anca3drandom when i see this kind of animals my mind fly because i want to know how they looked and how dangerous they were. Regards


They probably looked just as scary as they do look now, only with muscle and flesh :)


Hehehe yes but do you imagine see that thing at face just wow so maybe we live together in any time. Regards

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Wow So amazing photography
Thanks to share

it's another amazing one.
great photo.
thanks for sharing it.