The Capital of spies - Photo - Impressions

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That's the advert you are greeted in some stations. Intrigued ? Curious about the secret details?

Take a look below !

This reconstruction of the Spy Trabi is fitted with a hidden infrared flashlight which could pass through the plexiglass cladding of the passenger door. The invisible flashlight was used to mark objects which would be photographed by an infrared auto-focus camera.

The camera object cost 215 000 marks...and I was complaining of 300$ lens.

Spies in training - pass without activating the bomb

Too many frying pans ? be careful ! That could be a sign of hidden secrets.

He's thinking of scuba diving classes ?! That is suspicious..

- The Proton diving scooter - served as an underwater vehicle for Soviet Military Intelligence, the GRU. ( No, not the one from Minions)

The top speed was 6,5 km/h and had a range of 24 km.

All of this, and more in Berlin.

 All photos are mine, taken with Panasonic Lumix GX80, 1232 lens. 

Want to see the Little people ? Go here. 

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Wtf hehehe that men takes their job really seriously, great photos. Thanks for sharing


Yes indeed, very serious!

Another place that I would get lost in. Looks like a whole lot of fascinting fun. I recently read some things about the frog man arms race. It was fascinating. If only we could spend as much time, money and energy in how to get along. What a concept, eh? Did they let you try the laser bomb avoidance room? Probably not, but I can dream....


Actually everyone can try the laser bomb room; I didn't because it seemed that the only way to pass was crawling :)) ; only some kids could pass.


Ha haa, a good way to get dirtier than you might want. But still would be fun. Do we ever really grow up? I sure hope not...

oh.... wow... amazing... this is the first time I am hearing about spy museum.... thank you for sharing with us details.... and that car in first photo remind me of Mr.Bean... ha ha

all of them are amazing.
but i have to talk about that car.
that's a thing.
i like that so much.
thanks for your great content with amazing photos.
hope, i'll find more and more interesting things in your blog.

a nice photo, but I do not know what is the meaning behind the photo is stored


The photos are from a Spy Museum. Some have explanations underneath.


oooo, thaks

all photo are very nice. Especially like cars and buildings. That is the kind of photo of the frankness