The little people from Berlin - Photo - Impressions

in photography •  10 months ago

The title might be a bit confusing, but I'm talking about the Little Big City Berlin, an unusual display of the cornerstone moments in Berlin history. I guess this would be more entertaining for kids, but I went any way. 

I got the free entry bonus after buying online any two attractions deal from AquaDom; so a nice surprise from Sea life.

The party begins...

A murder mystery has occured..

A student riot like nowadays..

And celebrating in the end..

All photos are mine, taken with Panasonic Lumix GX80, 1232 lens.

Berlin series  Museum für Naturkunde

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I love these places as well. I think they are actually more for adults, like me. I once spent hours in Miniature World in Canada, looking and taking pictures. Even got a free ticket for next entry, since I was there so long. I probably shouldn't say that on here, in forever public, but I guess I is who I is.
I used to make models and railroad buildings from scratch, so love this sort of thing. They do a good job with their models, and all so re-lat-able compared to life. I would go too, and maybe stay too long ( :
Thanks for putting this out for us to see.


:)) I admit it's a great setting for photos. I only wish I would have taken more, but the lighting in there was very dim.
That's a great skill, to make models/railroad buildings. It's not a common thing.
Thank you for your lovely comments !

Wow ! everything looks real there ! Great arts .
Thanks for sharing amazing shots my friend !!

Wonderful photography, very nice art, good post, thanks..


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Thank You! ⚜

described well.
and those are some amazing photos you have.
thanks that you let me see those photos.