AquaDom & Sea Life Berlin - Photo - Impressions

in photography •  8 months ago

The top five creatures that you can see at AquaDom & Sea Life Berlin are rays, seahorse, clownfish ,sharks and the common seadragon; and interesting creature in my opinion.

You can also lay your hand in shallow water and some fish will clean your skin.

They also post their feeding time online, if you want to see how the sea creatures eat.

You can save money if you buy minimum of two entries for two attractions. The staff was kind to give us a free ticket to Little BIG City Berlin.

 All of this, and more in Berlin. All photos are mine, taken with Panasonic Lumix GX80, 1232 lens, at AquaDom & Sea Life Berlin.

If you want to see a 66 million years old creature, go here.


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You sure got to see a whole lot of fun places. I love these sea world type attractions. No other way to see all these creatures in their natural world. I've never been in a submarine, and doubtful I ever will. Add THAT to the bucket list, I guess. I saw a HUGE grouper fish in an aquarium like this. And realized that even though it couldn't hurt you at all, beyond swallowing your leg if it wanted (which I doubt they would), they'd still give you the willies swimming up to one. About half the size of a Volkswagen with fish lips. Yee haa. Thanks for sharing another fun part of Berlin with us.


Wow, that is a huge fish. I never seen fish that big, even in an aquarium. I think I would keep my distance.
Thank you for your lovely comments!

Hi @anca3drandom i want to visit a place like that, because i want to know what's the feeling when you share space with some wild animals :). Regards


It's pretty amazing to have rays swim over your head.

Wow So beautiful.... Amazing sharpness and mind blowing photography


Thank you !