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There is a part of every women who just wants to come undone. They want to forget the responsibilities that await them in the world, and just have a little fun.


To take that weight of the world off their shoulders, if only for a bit. We spend so much time trying to be fierce and responsible, that sometimes we just want to be anything but.


The issue lies in the fact that you have to become vulnerable to do so.. and that’s terrifying. Women need a balance, a strength that protects them and that vulnerability... occasionally taking the world off their shoulders...


To be able to feel safe, so they can let their hair down, and really become undone.. while knowing that they are perfectly protected in doing so.

I guess to be able to become completely undone, you have to be confident in knowing it won’t be the end of you... as you have someone there to ensure it’s not. That perfect balance... with the safety and assurance that comes with it.

That strength of a partner that knows the beauty of letting you become undone.. if that even exists...

Xoxo 💋

Photos of me, by me. #fuji


The flowers are immortal?! 😮 They never change! 😂
I think you are holding the fountain of youth in your hands. If you can draw some strength from them you are set!

Seriously, that is the most beautiful expression of what a woman really wants I have EVER heard!!
Any man lucky enough to fill that roll is truly living a gifted life!

And ya, the pics... stunning! Seems a slightly different light than the others. A little more daring posture. But still obviously the 'Ananke' signature! I think I'm really getting hooked!

You better keep posting, or I'm going to need rehab! 😂

Haha! See this is why I can’t use props! That is one from the other shoot that I hadn’t shared yet 😜 I do need to get some immortal flowers though.. as I do love flowers.

Awe thanks .. I guess I think at the end of the day that perfect partner would be the one you can lean on when you need it most, and feel safe enough to actually do so. ❤️

The light seemed to match in this set.. I always am trying to tell a story with them.. even if that story only seems to make sense in my head 😆

no rehab needed 😉

haha. The flowers. Not a biggie. Just something I noticed. I know I notice weird things.
If I do find immortal flowers I'll let you know.

The perfect partner. That IS the dream. (or at least mine... and apparently yours. ;) ) I don't know you that well, but I would say, from what I've seen so far, you absolutely deserve that!

I think most artists tell a story for themselves in creation. They make it public for you to enjoy and draw your own conclusions. You just gravitate towards works that speak to you. Often what the work says to you isn't even what the artist was saying. But the artists said what they needed to and the observer saw what they needed to. Everybody is happy.
Damn! I think I even got lost myself writhing that thought out!!! 😂

Thank god I won't need rehab. I hope you mean because you plan on sticking around.
(Well... let's be honest, I probably need rehab. But at least not for "ananke withdrawl"! 😝 One less on the list for the doctor!)

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Love how this told a story!

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