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I continue the photo review about the Crimea.
Start here: https://steemit.com/photography/@always1success/the-crimean-sunset. Koktebel is an urban-type settlement in the east of the Crimea. The name Koktebel in the Crimean Tatar language means the land of blue hills. This resort is one of the most popular resorts on the Black sea coast. Koktebel is surrounded by low steppe mountains, which miraculously change color at sunset:


the 3rd and 4th photos are great, cool to see the same scene but with such drastically different lighting

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Love this place! We were there together with my husband some years ago. We spent days in one of tea houses, drank local house wine, lived in a tent on the sea shore and walked along these hills in search of firewood. It was nice time. I'd like to visit Koktebel again.

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Wow beautiful pics!

I love the color changes mistique...beautiful!!

Thank you! Almost like a rainbow

is it save to visit crimea this days? i thought they are still at war? but very beautiful places

Sensational pictures once again ...
Continuation absolutely successful! ;-)


me encanto

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Nice post...I have upvoted and followed you....you might like my pictures of the Northern Lights .....https://steemit.com/photography/@godfatherofsalsa/the-northern-lights-aurora-borealis-castles-and-lighthouses-north-east-england

This is a wonderful landscape of an austere beauty! I love the shades of the colors in the first photo. The other photos are amazing too!

nice post

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wow its so beautiful places
u click superb

Amazing picks thank you for sharing! Following and up voted with love! Looking for to exchange energy!

love the photos!

you always have great content

Amazing images! I love the clouds in the first photo... I also took a beautiful sunrise today in Andalucia, Spain with similar background... Thanks for sharing!