The Crimean sunset

in #photography2 years ago

A summer remains in the memories. A warm sea and loud seagulls. The sunset on the Black sea is wonderful. After the sunset, the sea becomes really black against the background of the moon. My friend from Sevastopol sent me these photos. I'm happy to share the beautiful sunset:


Awesome :)

great work! keep it up!

Thanks to you and your friend , amazing photo

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Calling @originalworks :)
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That is one heck of a sunset. Love it when the clouds light up like that with a silver lining ❤

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I like ecpecially the 2nd picture.
it looks like a little fire-breathing volcano in the distance...

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beautiful photography. Follow me, I'm following you. I'm a photographer

Cool photos, thank you for sharing!

Great post :-)

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Have a great day!

My family is from Ukraine and I would love to visit one day! Photos look epic!

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nice the post photo

uykuya dalıyor gün bu resimde

Really cool transition of photos...
and your words are like some poetry...
The last one Moon in the dark , thumbsUp

Awesome! Beautiful picks again! TY!