Lake Jack London. June 2018. Part 3

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Part 1 and Part 2.

In the hike to the poacher, I knocked off my legs and for a while it was painful to walk, so the whole next day I allowed myself to lie in a tent. However, no one in our team had a desire to go somewhere.


Daytime rest was beneficial, the feet took their size and shape, now it was possible again to go to the shooting, but not far away. Not really agreeing all went along the beach in the direction of Purga, meet the dawn and shoot bonsai in the water. The night stood out with a frost, waiting for the sunrise to watch the ice surface on the lake surface. The hindered mosquitoes did not give up and insistently searched for a place accessible to the bite. Enviable perseverance.

At the chosen point, it was necessary to wait for the light for a long time, during this time even had time to walk along the shore and take off a couple of spheres on the shore and on the ice, and after returning to the point, wait another. After lunch I collected everything that needed to be charged and, together with Max, went to Boyevoy. As a gift, I took half a liter of condensed milk. I note that Maximov is in our group two, one from Moscow, the second from Magadan. Max Evdokimov, naturally, stayed with his group of photographers, after all, this is a photo tour.


I left the camera in the tent, which I regretted after a few hours, and by the evening I even tried to bite off my elbows. By noon, the sky was clouded with clouds and it was obviously going to rain, and it started soon after we got out. The umbrella in these parts is not a whim, but a real working tool of the photographer.


Rising to the huntsman's house, they met Yuri and Sergei, accompanied by the indefatigable Guy. From Berry should have come Vladimir and his son Alex. Their GAZ-66 this year is the first wheeled vehicle that came to Lake Jack London. Three years ago, they brought us here and I was glad to see old friends. While they were going to Fight, the clouds began to disperse and the warm evening light, breaking through under the dark belly of a massive cloud, lit up the lake of the Dancing Harious. It's good that the phone at least took.


A little more and the cloud, before flashing lightning, breaks from the sky downpour. Well, the umbrella came to the place again. Well, since you do not carry a camera with you, here you are ...


I was already ready to eat my own ears. But it seemed to nature that this was not enough ...


The colors became more intense. If you run after the camera on the road, it's 4.5 km. Long. For the sake of this business, Yura took us on a motor boat to the channel, but this shortening of the path did not help, the light left. I very much hoped that at this moment someone would shoot what was happening on a normal camera. Since that moment, I have started to form a new rule, which reads: "Wherever you go, always take a camera with you!" Having formulated it, he added with vexation at the end ... a dumbass.


We did not find anyone in the camp. I thought: - I hope, guys, you took these masterpieces!
They gathered all their photographic equipment, including quadrocopters, wrote Maxim a note on a piece of toilet paper that they went to Boyeva and threw him in the tent. On the Lake of the Dancing Harious was filmed from the evening until morning, and since there was access to the source of energy, here we also flew from the heart.


On the lake of the Dancing Harious we stayed for two days, trying to find out the interesting conditions of nature.


I tried not to do two things at once, but I still had to run.


From the air, the view of the area is very similar to the view from the mountain, only at your disposal is not a fixed point of shooting, but almost any. It's so unties the hands and feet that once you take advantage of these opportunities, you no longer want to give them up.


Here is a round hole under the water, in 2015 I dived in it. And it's nice to remember and to look interesting from the top.


Three years ago, those green trees that are now in the water were still on land. The island is destroyed and the trees are drowning.


With the change of light, the same angle is perceived differently.


Without a flying camera, such shooting is simply not available.




Gagars. These feathery down jackets with their cries make me feel like I'm in a lost world. They are unusual and harmonious, this land would not be so alive without the scream of loons. Yes, you listen, it is difficult to describe with such words. Here is a link to a record on audiohosting.


Running with a camera and planting all the batteries of a quadrocopter, I returned to the camp and on the shore I saw the boat in the looking-glass, this plot could not be passed by. Again putting everything on charge, went to their camp (Guy, naturally, followed by), in my tent I found a note. We were left with an inflatable boat and invited to join the shooting in Purga. On the shore I found motor and inflatable boats. GAZ-66 was parked near the tents.


Maxim went to bed, and I stayed to drink tea by the fire. Soon Vladimir and his son woke up and after breakfast they offered to drive with them to Purga to pick up our team, and at the same time, if necessary, help with dragging the boat through the ice. Why not ride, you can. Guy was already waiting in the boat and had to be landed.


The morning breeze drove the ice so that they completely blocked the canals and the boat had to be dragged along the ice. Further to the Purga they glided along the shore along the ideal mirror. Attempting Guy ran along the shore after the boat. This persistent marathon run through the whole coast and crossed the river, he was stronger than steel in his intention to go with us on a boat. Well, do not leave you here, besides, the group left this place much further and had to look for a passage in the ice to get to them.


The structure of the ice was quite amusing, it was as if composed of vertically and tightly fitted daggers, which in the middle of the lake were up to 40 cm long. They were very sharp ice floes, capable of cutting the skin. On the way back, the wind already blocked the passage near the mouth of the Purga, the ice pushed to the shore and the boat had to be dragged again. In the end, all were taken and no one was left.


Before leaving the lake there were two days, the next day was cloudy and in my photo chronicle is missing completely. Already on the evening of June 27 I went for my drone to Boyevoy along the Channel of Variants, took a cloudy spherical panorama there, drowned the screw fixing the camera to the panoramic head and then without delay arrived at the Combat.

In the camp I met our driver and found out that in the morning at 10 we leave for Berry. Back already left after one o'clock in the morning and stayed on the huntsman's house, where he decided to fly off the dawn and leave the equipment, so as not to drag the weights twice. There, I planted both sets of batteries and almost lost the drone, which as a result of a compass error began to drift in the wind and flew from the shooting location for almost a kilometer. To return it was necessary manually, some time later the error has disappeared and the automatics again was included. Landing was already in automatic mode.


Remembering the new rule, for some reason I decided that I already had to take pictures and there would be nothing to drag around and there would be extra pounds like laziness. He took it, and left the camera in the house, and 15 minutes later he came back. And that's why.


On the shore, I descended accurately into the chic light from mobile phones in my pocket. Everybody slept, the lightman on duty also snored, and did not wait until dawn. Having made a mobile snapshot of what is above, I woke up Max and said:

-Max, if you want to remove masterpieces, then do it right now. Raise everyone, grab the camera and run to the beach! I'm back behind the camera. The car will be at 10.
Reported and ran to the gamekeeper!


Of course, I did not find such a glowing fog on the shore. Along the way I found that I had met.


He worked as a TV repeater, - take a camera with you always! And again he added ... dumbass!


In the tent camp, only Raya lingered behind the dues, all the others were blown to the shore. Fog profukuly all to one. Time was still early, I did not eat breakfast, I dived into the sleeping bag, suddenly I could take a nap a couple of hours after such a run. In my head there was a kind of mental mess with interruptions to failures in a ghastly dream. At 8 am already got up, everyone was collecting things, preparing to drag them upstairs. Not slept at all and even somehow broken, however, no one slept. This is the work of the photographer.

Thanks to the fact that most of the equipment was left upstairs, I managed to carry out the remaining tractor at a time. In Berry we jumped on time, the next day in the morning rains began, Debin swelled in the blink of an eye, closing the ford. When they went to Magadan, near Debs' clamps, they met a lonely deer walking on the road. The whole road drowned in the failures in a sleepy forgetfulness and drops of rain on the windowpane. Incredible buzz!

Alexey Voron.

The photos are made in raw on Nikon D3s, DJI Inspire 2, smartphone Huawei Honor 9.


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