My Photowalk - A Mountain Hike On The Trail: The Damned Of The Horse - Discovering Italy with alequandro

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Last Saturday, as often happens, my brother calls me saying:
I want to walk in the mountains!
Choose a place that I leave immediately!


For the excursion I chose an itinerary that I never did.
We went by car to Santa Felicita valley and on foot we embarked on a path called:

The Damned Of The Horse

A strange name, I can not explain the reason.


Santa Felicita Valley is located in Romano d'ezzelino, in the province of Vicenza, in northern Italy


The beginning of the route we were at an altitude of 200 meters above sea level.

The path starts with the sight of a religious chapel.


This area had been a strategic military point during the First World War.

During the war there was even a train station that was used to bring the materials and supplies for the army.


Throughout the day I met 10 people, the weather was great even though when we walked through the valley we felt a cold wind coming from the north.


Here is the indication to the path! Let's begin!


Always uphill, step by step...


It was easy to gain altitude and the tired legs reminded me of the reason. :D


Here's where we started!! We are only at the beginning!!


My brother, look at the view and take a breath...



My brother who indicates a bird of prey, perhaps an eagle!


We were approaching the tops, the legs were thanking us!



We reach an area called the Hazel Plain.
In that place in summer you can catch some delicious hazelnuts!


We arrive at a group of houses.
There was a ban on access but it was lunch time and my brother and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful view to take a break! :D


We did very well!
We entered and the view was beautiful!





We lay down on the grass and ate the sandwiches I had made at home while I waited for my brother to arrive. What a relaxation!!



We have resumed the journey.
The path was easier, there was less slope.


Since it was not late we decided to lengthen the route and we climbed on a hill called colle colle.
There was also snow in the shady areas!


As I walked, I noticed a hidden sign...


In the sign it is written that during the First World War a water tank had been dug into the rock where water was pumped through a powerful pumping system placed in the valley.


While with difficulty and only with the light of the smartphone I tried to get in luck I see a reflection ... it was all dark. I did not see anything!

So I decide to take a picture with the flash to see something... luckily I took the picture!!!


I leave the gallery and observe how much we have gained in altitude.

We had made about 1000 meters in altitude!


I see another sign and the Indiana Jones hiding inside tells me that I have to go and explore !! :D


The gallery that led to an observation point was low, I had to lower myself a lot.


After a few meters I see a blade of light crack the darkness...


The opening is small, it was not a passage but certainly needed to take aim with a rifle.

We decide to try to get out of there, even if very tight!


Here we go out!


We turn east and continue along the path alongside a dense forest of fir trees.


The little snow that was there was completely frozen in fact we tried to avoid walking on it.


The remains of a fallen tree catch my attention and I decide to take a picture.


Then I took a series of photos of the landscape that surrounded us.
The warmth of the sun on the face, the sound of the wind...




While talking animatedly with my brother I realize with the corner of the eye of a group of chamois that run !! Wow I had not noticed! I managed to do only this picture... I took 3 but it will have been 10 !! What a pity!!


After a quarter of an hour of desperation because I was not able to photograph well the chamois, I am a bit consoled by some flowers...


We were coming down the mountain, I could not wait to take off my boots that made me a little sick...




Along the path we passed near a rock face where some climbers were training ... wow, the last time I climbed it will be 15 years! I have to start again, it's great to climb!




We were almost there, tired but happy!


My brother was destroyed :D

His wife told me that the next day he slept all day until dinner time !! :D

I hope you enjoyed this photowalk of my excursion !!

Let me know in the comments if you like this type of post, so I'll do it like this again!


What a hike! 1000 meters in altitude is a huge achievement! It was a great idea of your brother to go hiking as you showed us stunning photos. The nature there reminds me of our mountains and forests in Slovakia.

The landscape is beautiful and it's interesting to see that you experienced snow and then you saw some spring flowers :) It's like different worlds :)

Thank you for sharing! It's been nice to walk with you and still sit in my comfortable chair :) Just kidding.. I also love hiking!

Slovakia must be beautiful, I've never been there!

It was a dynamic day: snow, flowers, chamois! I can not complain!
I'm glad you enjoyed the walk! :D

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This is a very nice and detailed post. Great read @alequabdro—thank you.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Great post and please do it again. Very interesting and easy to follow. Looks like you really pushed your brother and he needs to get fitter to keep up with you. Maybe the pathway is too narrow for horses and during the war they couldn't move horses along the hill pathways. Just a guess.

Thanks, I'm glad that you liked the post, this gives me great satisfaction and motivates me to still post like this.

Years ago I mounted on horseback and I can tell you that horses would not have trouble going on trails like this.
What I know is that during the war the mules were used because they were more resistant to fatigue... so I do not know the reason for the name of the path...

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

What a travel story with amazing photography! Walking on the mountain gives a lot of unforgettable things and of course you don't want to miss it without being photographed.

Look at the sky blue that is hard to forget! Really spoil the eyes.

Thank you for sharing @alequandro

Thanks for the comment! I'm glad you liked the post, I can not wait to do another hike!

That's a long walk haahhh!
And a long scrolling of many photos as well lol

But its like I'm also together in the journey while reading and watching the beautiful photos.

I need a water!

Yes, it was a long walk but it was worth it!
I'm glad the post has involved you! Yes, it took me a while to load all those photos! :D

I actually like the country Italy and the city country Vatican City.
Lots of holy people there. One of the holy places.

How beautiful is the Vatican! I've been there as a child, I'll have to go back, I'll definitely do a post!

I would love it!
Please inform me if you make a post.
Its my pleasure and honor meeting you here on Steemit.

Thank you!

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
To keep in touch with me, and follow the next adventures, follow me, it's the easiest way! :)

Yeah I followed you.
I wish you all the best!
Good luck!

Quite a hike. Beautiful landscape. Great shots.
Montains have this quality of peace and isolation that does not compare to nothing much. With the additional advantage of being able to see great expanses of land from up there, it gives one a certain sense of control (even though if an emergency presents itself, one is pretty much doom up there).
Those flowers were amazing. looked like out of place, unreal.

Yes, that's right, a paradise on earth!
Now I have a bit 'of influence but I can not wait to heal to go for a new hike! Yes, those flowers were a surprise!

Great post, very enjoyable to read! The WWII viewing post and water tank were cool finds! I love all your landscape photos too.

Thank you! It 'been a day full of surprises, I'm glad you liked the post!

ciao @alequandro!
gran bella cosa la nostra Italia!! con il tuo post ci hai praticamente portati con te nella gua ascesa al monte e ci hai coinvolto con le tue foto e le tue descrizioni! la prossima volta ti chiamiamo anche noi!! continua cosi !

Grazie per il commento! La nostra Italia è magnifica e non sempre comprendiamo quanto è bella e quanto può offrire!
Sono felice che il post sia piaciuto, non vedo l'ora di fare la prossima escursione! ;)

Nice shots and article 👍👏 What nice places earth has? Thanks for sharing

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Thank you! You are right! We should travel all our life but unfortunately we have to work! :D

My mother is visiting and we just saw this post together. Both of us are amazed by how beautiful Santa Felicita Valley is. All of the pictures are amazing. The place is really stunning and you should be proud and blessed for living in such a pretty land. Cheers mate!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! I often think so, Italy is really beautiful, there are endless beauties to discover and visit!

I literally love Italy. I've been already in the Mountains on the north, Capital City with surroundings and in the next month I am heading to the Italy again, this time to explore the most precious island - Sicily :) You guys have made a big trail, over 1000meters in altitude, also exploring caves, mountain tops and forests. I misunderstood the title and I was expecting the story about horse trip, which would be a nice inspiration for my upcoming trip, but anyway you shared here a very nice story. And anyways, thanks to you I will check the possibility of renting a horse on Sicily, I was thinking more about renting a scooter but horse can be also fun :)

Wow in Sicily! Beautiful! I have not been there yet!
I'm sure you'll find a way to ride a horse, I know that they offer this service, for you it would be an unforgettable memory!

I recommend, then show us the photos!

wonderful story and awesome picture collection from your photowalk series! loved reading every bit of it :)

Thank you! I'm so happy that you liked the post! I hope to do the next adventure very soon !!

It's always nice to go out for such kind of long walks. At the end of the day, you're tired, but when another day comes, the tiredness finally pays off and it feels so lite and relaxed. I'm very fond of those after effects 😀

Glad you shared the photo journey. It was fun to know about it. Have a great day.

You're right! It's hard, but knowing that it's worth it!
Hiking makes us better! :D

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Amazing hike and so many pictures, thanks for the excursion

Thank you! I really enjoyed it.
An excursion like this gives me energy for the whole week!
The secret for youth :D

I cannot face the week if I don't hike the weekends, it's how I get inspired to compose, and how I get recharged to endure the dull normal days. I am blessed to live by lovely nature too!

I understand you very well, I also do like you!
We are lucky! ;)

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