The Fortified Church of Viscrii

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The Fortified Church of Viscrii

One of the most interesting Saxon fortified churches is found in the village of Viscri (Weisskirch in German). The name stems from the German Weisse Khirche, meaning white church. Unlike other Transylvanian fortified churches, Viscri was built around 1100 by the Szekler population and taken over by Saxon colonists in 1185. This explains why this distinctive gothic church shows a plain straight ceiling rather than a traditional vaulted one.

In the 14th century, the eastern section was rebuilt and about 1525, the first fortification walls with towers were added. From the 18th century, the church was endowed with another defensive wall.Inside the church museum, it is possible to admire woven and embroidered textiles, pottery, and handmade agricultural tools, in addition to traditional furniture and clothing.

From the fortification's towers, it is possible to admire the village scenery, with its hills and meadows, in addition to the authentic hand-tiled roofs of the houses and barns. Lots of the traditional buildings are restored and flashed since 1999. The Mihai Eminescu Trust has over 300 projects in the area -- including paving the streets, providing school transportation for the kids, and supporting local entrepreneurial growth.

Have you been to Viscri?

ExposureManual exposure, 1/15 sec, ISO 100
CameraSony A7II
LensSony 24-240mm
LocationViscri, Romania

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I have visited Viscri two times already, it's beautiful! In 1999 Prince Charles of Wales visited Transylvania, and Viscri was added to the UNESCO world Heritage site.

Your camera takes very nice photographs. I'm glad you shared this interesting church/castle with us. That'd be interesting to view the gift shop of it. Are these castles very common in Germany? Cheers.

the church which is a place of prayer is located in such a beautiful location that people will feel energized from a distance

Very hostorical church, thanks for your sharing usefull and informative post to us, great photography, greeting friendship from me @abialfatih in aceh indonesia, i have upvote and resteem your post to more than 1250 my follower, thanks a lot

good to see such old success of mankind. thats remind always human were the best, are the best and will be the best in all the creation of GOD. thanks for such nice share.....:-)

your cam has great captures every photo's you posted looks wow

I was just watching a show on netflix about ppl living in castles. Would be so cool

Hello friend, good photography. Excellent story and writing.

I am willingly want to visit the most famous churches of the world and I think it is one of them.

I have resteamed it post, good looking photo 👏👍

I have never been to viscri, I just found out from you, your description is very good and increase my knowledge

Amazing Picture. nice photography. Upvoted

already hundreds of years but still very intact.

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A fortified church is a church built to play a defensive role in times of conflict. These churches were specially designed to incorporate military features, such as thick walls, battlements and embrasures. Others, such as the Cathedral of El Salvador de Ávila, were incorporated into the city wall. This also besets because for that century the power of the church predominated in its majority, beautiful photo is good to see images so beautiful that they belong to human history I congratulate you

Interesting photos and history.. Thank you for sharing..

Excellent picture

Hello friend, very interesting topic, I liked the story and the photo. Greetings, I vote, I follow you and I read to you. Hugs and kisses.

Churches are beautiful. Great picture though.

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This is one old and beautiful church. I've been to Germany on a trip but haven't visited Viscri. Maybe i should :)
Have a nice day - @tonac

beautiful pictures, buen post @adonisabril

old buildings that still stand firmly in my country have been very rarely found and the building is a very strong historical evidence, and who took a picture of the building is very expert in choosing a suitable Angel

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Beautiful shot!

Hey! Great read.
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God Bless this place!!

This is a so beautiful church. I love the color!

I'd love to visit Germany one day... I've been a fan of the bundesliga probably when I come around I'll take some tour around and visit places... Where would you suggest I visit apart from viscri

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