Black and White Thursday

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Is there such a challenge? I don't even know, but it's long since I haven't played with the B&W effect on Snapseed with some of my smartphone pics. I am not a fan of such effects but sometimes when using them it feels like owning an old camera and be some sort of a photography pioneer showing the world "what you got".

When I got out of the house this morning, there were only 1°C on the thermometer and lots of fog over the Danube. It didn't enter the town so it wasn't that disturbing. Wasn't sunny either... but contemplating the foggy view of the lake up to the Serbian side of the Danube I really got that rare ZEN moments...again. No labels, no attachments.

Not willing to let them slip through my fingers I thought I should definitely store them on my smartphone and since I don't use Facebook or instagram I am sharing them in here. Get used with're my audience.

Yesterday I posted about the green that stubbornly resists winter and now I'm bringing to you the Romanian fog under B&W effects. What an artist I am... By the way, do you like using filters or any type of effects on your social media shared photos? Which is your favorite?




Thanks for attention,


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Is there such a challenge?

You just make it up as you go a long these days...Tree Sunday, drain-plug Wednesday, bellybutton fluff Friday...Doesn't matter mate...It's all good! Lol.

That flat water...Makes me want to skip some rocks...

...Hey that gives me an idea...Skip some rocks Wednesday! 😆

It's no wind at all and that's why the water is so still. Usually in the morning you get that most often. I already scared the ducks with my presence so... no rocks.

Good pictures...The ducks are lucky I'm not there...I'd be skipping rocks. 🙂

I thought you won't see them...but couldn't keep them hidden either :))
My grandpa was a hunter for almost 30 years but I didn't got the taste of blood. Fishing yeah, hunting...mneah.

Not much difference between fishing and hunting. The result is the same.

Disagree. 90% of my fish get back in the water and live long and happy lives 😁... if they don't get caught in fishing nets.

Not around here they don't which is what I base my assessment on. People fish for food. So yeah, they die a horrible death being hooked, pulled out of the water where they can't breathe and then they die.

Don't know what happens where you are but that's what happens here.

Almost the same in here. I am one of the few that release most of the fish I catch. Sometimes I keep some for my parents but the majority get back in the water. Some die soon after I release them unfortunately, but I try as much as I can to get them back alive. It's due to excessive fishing that these waters around here don't have that much fish anymore as they had when I was a kid or even longer before. Pike for example is almost extinct.

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Wow, these are very impressive! So quiet and serene, I like them very much :)

Hello Hello!

Black and white work has always been a very elegant job for me, tefelicito for your beautiful photos

Greetings from Venezuela

Thank you and greetings from Romania!

@acesontop, This is Perfect view and in my opinion Fog is spreading the magical effect so beautifully. Stay blessed.

Thank you for your appreciation.

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I really liked the shots you made.
I don't have a smartphone, but when I have one I will definitely look for an effect, old photographic.
It is the one that challenges me the most.
Congratulations on a Curie vote!

Thanks. I would suggest you to use Snapseed as an editing app as well. That's what I used to turn these pics into black and white the way I did.

Adrian: beautiful black and white photographs. I would like to choose and say that I like 1 but I can't because I really like them 3. A great hello @acesontop

Thank you. No 1 is my favorite as well.

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