Shuzenji Onsen Izu Peninsula Japan

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I explored the Shuzenji Onsen on the Izu Peninsula in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. It is a region famous for hot springs and wasabi.

The bath in the middle of the river is the oldest in the area and was apparently first built by a famous zen monk over 1000 years ago.

Shuzenji Onsen is near the last train stop on the Izu Hakone Train Line. This is where mountain biking and cycling will take place during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.


I visited there to look at the old ryokan inn and onsen hot springs. I also went to a modern onsen and had a look around the nice little river.


This is a tourist region. The tourist brochure said it is a little Kyoto, but having been to the real Kyoto I didn't feel it. Besides, Kyoto was the capital of Japan for a long time and it is world-famous.


Shuzenji is a popular regional resort area and has been popular for a few hundred years, but Kyoto has more temples than I can count and thousands of tourists. Shuzenji was much, much more peaceful which is a good thing.


You can easily get to this place from Tokyo in a day and just transfer at Mishima station to the Izu line. When you get here, it is obvious because it is the last stop. Then hop on a short bus ride to the old spa area.


When I arrived at the old spa area, first I noticed an old shrine with huge trees. I didn't really want to go in there because people were busy chanting and Shinto is not my religion.


After I noticed a large temple. This was not busy with worshippers worshipping.there were nice zen gardens, a bamboo grove, small ponds, and plants. It looked quite nice.


As for the area's history, the bath in the middle of the river is the oldest in the area. It is called Tokk no yu and the river is called the Katsura River which flows into the Kano River. The town is famous for the tomb of Minamoto no Yoriie, he was the second shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate. He was exiled here and probably murdered. The area is named after the temple which was founded by Kobo Daishi who is a famous Zen Buddist Scholar who lived around 1200 years ago. He also made the first bath. Here is some info.


After I walked along the river. There were many nice bridges, small foot baths, old ryokan inns, gardens, and shops. It was very scenic and the natural setting was quite spectacular. There was a little bit of everything. However, I only spent two hours here and half that time was soaking my feet in the many pubic foot baths.


This is a volcanic region so the water is naturally hot even near the surface. It was summer so I couldn't see the clouds of steam since the weather outside was like a sauna anyway, but I'm sure in the winter there are streams of steam coming out everywhere.


I did visit an actual Onsen after for a bath. They are all over the place. You need to pay to get in and for some of them, you must spend the night, too. Unfortunately, you cannot take pictures in the bathhouse because it is rude and an extreme violation of the other people's privacy.


If you are in the area, I definitely recommend visiting here. It can easily be done in a morning or an afternoon and there are lots of other places to explore on the Izu Peninsula.

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Such beautiful post with gorgeous photos, @abitcoinskeptic !!! The lushness and serenity and rich culture of the area ooooooozes from this post <3 I absolutely enjoyed it very much !

Thanks. It was a very nice place to enjoy the morning. I would prefer to not visit during summer though.

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Very nice and great place, I will go there once time. Actually I planned the Izu Pennisula on this weekend but i changed my trip already.

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I only explored misima and shuzenji, however I noticed there are many great beaches, too.

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I will follow your next trip to Japan and other places.

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Thank you!

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I am really enjoying sharing this trip with you the last few days.

Bringing back memories and showing me things I didn’t get to see when I did it.


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Thanks. Actually, since I've been to more famous places now when I head to Japan I go looking for hidden gems.

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Beautiful view, love the streams and bamboos along the road, must be very peaceful there...

Thanks. My favorite part was that it isn't too crowded.

I like quiet place too...

it must be very very peaceful, water and bamboo just the right combination for a relax weekend gateway.

I think it is a great place for spas.

Woahhhh, Shuzen-ji that place has a lot of memories, their onsen is the best! I suggest to try Shimoda and Atami too!

I wanted to go to those two places, but I didn't have time and decided to climb fujisan instead, I'll be back at some point, however.

Thanks for sharing that. I have not been to Japan, and it has not been on my list because I have a picture of overcrowding everywhere. Your photos show a different side to Japan. It looks so serene!

Overcrowding is only in the large cities. The countryside is just a little more populated than in some places.

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Such a beautiful spot, it looks very tranquil there. thanks for sharing your journey with us, your photos are really great xx

Thank you so much. I like to share my experiences.

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That does look like a beautiful spot to explore! I would love to get to see some more of the world some day, and I always love to hear about places a little more off the beaten path. I tend to find really crowded places much less enjoyable, even if they are really historic and interesting. I keep forgetting that the Olympics are being held there next year. They are hosting the US Olympic marathon trials here in Atlanta in February, though, so myself and some friends are planning on finding a spot along the course to cheer on the runners. Should be a fun way to get ready to watch the actual events in the summer. :)

Olympics qualifiers sounds interesting. It's nice they make an event out of that especially since they represent the country and the people should be involved. When I saw the winter Olympics I watched an Ice Hockey game. I don't know what summer Olympics sport I would choose. Maybe baseball or some martial arts.

I've never gotten a chance to be close to any Olympic action, so this should be fun to at least catch one of the qualifying events! I was still a teenager when they held the Olympics here in 1996 and didn't have an opportunity to go. Though I think I would appreciate it much more now. Though the running will be fun to watch as a runner myself, beach volleyball would be my dream to catch in person! That's always one of my favorites.

Beach volleyball is a good one, too.

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Looks beautiful, really must go to Japan one day

I've been more times than I can easily keep track of. Great place.

Good post

Thank you.

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What a cool place!!

Indeed! Thank you.

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amazing place