The rabbit named Molécule

in photography •  2 months ago

This post is to share photos of the precious rabbit which shares my living space. I adopted him from a shelter about 3 years ago, where he already had the name Molécule (which is a funny coincidence because I was studying Molecular Biology at the time). He has a sense of curiosity and calmness which is very nice to observe.


Being curious at the wide lens of the camera.


Searching for a trail of some sort on the yoga mat.



And majestically relaxing as he very often does.


The day I adopted him, when he jumped on me for the first and only time, probably to manipulate me to adopt him

Lounging in front of my bass, he likes it very much for some reason (the smell of the Warwick's unvarnished wood perhaps?)


The yawn!

The first four photos were shot with a Sony a77 camera and a Tamron 17-50mm lens, the others were shot with cellphones.


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Nice shots and wonderful rabbit!

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