Rhododendron, part 2

in photography •  4 months ago  (edited)

The rhododendron bush behind my house is now in full bloom. I shot photos of it in macro for my previous post as the flowers were beginning to open, and for the photos in this post I used lenses with wider field-of-view (8mm Rokinon fisheye, and Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8).

Also I just ordered a 24mm macro lens from Sigma! Wide macro lenses are relatively rare, this will be fun to use in situations such as these (with telephoto macros the subject looks great but the environmental context is mostly lost). Stay tuned for image samples.





Music: https://ao-i.bandcamp.com/
Photos: https://www.flickr.com/photos/ao-i/

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They're really gorgeous, I envy you since the whole scene surely is fantastic to experience first hand 😄

Best regards my friend.

Hehe the flowers are indeed quite nice! But the photos does make the scene seem more epic than it is in fact, it's really just a small bush ^^

Kind regards.

😂 then your skills with the camera are really great, it indeed does seem like an astonishing scene.

The magic of wide angle lenses :)

I recently got my hands on a smartphone with why I think is a decent camera... but dunno how to use it. I'm totally new with exposure times intervals, I have no clue what does HDR mean, etc. Also, I saw that there are something called macro lens and other kind of lenses that enhances greatly the photography quality.

Besides somebody recommended me to purchase Adobe Lightroom (I happened to have a friend with lots of installers and he gave it to me)... I think that is like to make a good shot I need to get another degree 😂 Is there someplace were this information is comprehensible ordered in order to have a chance to grasp it all?

Hehe yes it does take practice and experimentation to figure out how to use a camera to its full potential.

A macro lens does not really "enhances" the photography quality, but it allows to take close-ups from very close to the subject (ie an insect's head).

This tutorial seems nice: https://expertphotography.com/a-beginners-guide-to-photography/

And lightroom has some fine presets to make photos better, although you can probably get good results simply by playing with the slides in "develop" mode.

If you have any questions about photography I'd be glad to answer!

Awesome! After I take the Chinese proficiency test I will invest time to learn how to take proper photos. Thank you for kindly answering my doubts, I'll reach when I start learning it.
Best regards.

That's splendid and incredible mate!


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