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Welcome to the next issue of the Steem Photo Journal!

The SPJ is a @photofriend community project aiming to create a ‘must-read’ for every photo-enthusiast here on Steemit. The journal is intended to inform, entertain and engage the readers.

Since there were no valid submissions for our portrait contest in the previous issue of the SPJ, I decided to stop the contest at the moment. People just do not seem to like it or read until that point. I am sure you can understand.

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Photographer's Story




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Finding visually exceptional photo posts on the Steem blockchain. No text needed.


by @landoflight


by @axeman


by @ileana56

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PHOTOGRAPHER'S STORY (featuring @nolasco)


''I was born in Portugal, 53 years ago. Portugal is one of the best countries in the world, also for photographers, as it has the best light, great nature and heritage, and smiling people to capture.
It also has great food, for all food lovers!
Since a couple of years ago Portugal has also become one of the trendiest destinations of the world, so in my opinion, everyone should include it in their travels itineraries. You won’t regret it, on the contrary, you will fall in love with it!

I graduated in Law, and have always worked in this area, but from the very beginning I always had managing positions in HR and legal areas, and have been working as a manager since. You know, at the time when I started to think about graduation and a career, photography wasn’t an option, as people were supposed to graduate in some more “respectable” fields. So I decided on a Law degree, but, if I could go back in time I would choose photography, definitely!

I have always loved photography, it has always been a part of me. I always photographed, even when I didn’t know how to, and I always wanted to learn how to be able to photograph what my eyes see. It’s like an innate, a raw, the kind of intimate love we endure inside us and we know that one day it will declare itself. So, when I had the opportunity, I started to learn and haven’t stopped since. Because it’s a matter of love, and once we get it we never let it go!

I’m involved in a couple of photography projects on Steemit, all related to challenges and contests, and also post on Bescouted. I also enjoy writing and also post, along with my writing, my photos to illustrate it. I wished I had more time to dedicate to Steemit, there are so many things to explore there! I feel my learning curve is taking too long to go up, but since I still have to earn my living, as I have to support college kids, I’ll have to be patient and to deal with it the best way I can!

I love photographing the most…….actually everything! I’m an eager person when it comes to photography! I can’t make up my mind about which theme to specializing in, although I know that, in this area, as in most other areas, people should specialize and get more skilled in a specific theme. But I still can’t choose. So I love photographing people, landscapes, heritage, nature, all together or not. And, since I love to travel, and I travel as often as I can, I love to document my travels with all the above themes I’ve mentioned.

My travels have taken me to East Timor, Marrakesh, Cambodia, Thailand, Australia as well as Paris among others. I love to capture people in their cultures and be able to photograph the places from a new angle if I can. I find it challenging and am passionate about it!''

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Showcasing visually entertaining travel post.

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Photography Report 1 - Bangkok Street Photography

by @worldcapture

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COVER by @axeman

Captivating by @fotogruppemunich and @photofriend

Photographer's Story by @claudiaz

Travel by @fotogruppemunich

Stats by @boddhisattva

Previous issues: #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5

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Qué bien conocer sobre @nolasco jeje, y magníficas fotos las publicadas. Y hoy me provoca hablar en español...a ver si alguien más de habla hispana se decide también ;)


Muchas gracias, mi amigo. Me encanta que hayas venido a comentar mi historia. Yo hablo castellano mejor que lo escribo, pero creo que me vas lograr a entender. Abrazos!


jeje, pues te entiendo muy bien, no te preocupes! Gracias por contestar...en spanish! Buenas noches...o buenos días!


Adoro spanish! Mi hija esta estudiando en Salamanca, así que pronto seremos las dos a hablar castellano! Buenos dias!


Muy buenas!
Salamanca esta aqui al lado :)
Suerte a las dos.
A mim também se me dá melhor falar que escrever heheh
Bom dia :)


Chévere! Suerte! Buenas tardes!

Awesome to see @nolasco featured! She is so deserving of it.

The photos are stunning!


Thanks so much, my dear Cendrine! You're a bliss!


Of course! Don't mention it!

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Wow, thank you very much for the feature! Super happy about it ! :))


Congrats, @worldcapture, great one!


Thank you very much @nolasco ! :))


You're welcome!


Glad to hear that @worldcapture :)

Why don't you join us on Discord - ?

Thanks so much for the support, @photofriend, and for the feature, my dear @claudiaz! It was a wonderful surprise :))!
Cheers to all!


You surely deserve all the support! ;)


You are too kind, @photofriend!

hola guapa
tienes razón Portugal es un sitio especial y tiene un gran sitio en mi corazón y mi memoria
me encantaría viajar por esos mundos que conoces,
pero me conformare con mi pecera jaja
feliz dia


Feliz dia, guapa! Me encanta tenerte en mi mundo aqui. Besos y abrazos!


Jaja tu mundo y el mio


Mwah! Feliz dia, guapa!

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