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I've been quiet of late – not so unlike the stillness that follows freezing rain.

My partner's father passed quite suddenly nearly two weeks ago. I haven't yet found words to describe the experience of being there in hospital with him before and during his passing.

Getting back to normal has been difficult – tending to this space just hasn't been a priority. It seems, however, that the longer one stays away, the harder it becomes to re-engage. I'm not yet ready to fully dive back in.

For now, the best I can offer is this ice series – a gentle nod to the parts of me that are momentarily slumbering, someday to melt into a more malleable fluidity.

These photos remind me...

There is great beauty in stillness – intricate patterns, discernible only to those who pause long enough to perceive them.











Nerdy Details: Canon EOS 5D Markiii • 100mmf2.8L Macro Prime • Portland, Oregon, USA

1 ~ ISO160 - f2.8 - 1/200 sec - 9 Feb '14 • 2 ~ ISO160 - f2.8 - 1/640 sec - 9 Feb '14
3 ~ ISO160 - f2.8 - 1/250 sec - 9 Feb '14 • 4 ~ ISO160 - f2.8 - 1/1600 sec - 9 Feb '14
5 ~ ISO200 - f2.8 - 1/250 sec - 4 Jan '16 • 6 ~ ISO400 - f5.0 - 1/160 sec - 4 Jan '16
7 ~ ISO200 - f2.8 - 1/250 sec - 4 Jan '16 • 8 ~ ISO200 - f2.8 - 1/200 sec - 4 Jan '16
9 ~ ISO200 - f4.0 - 1/80 sec - 4 Jan '16 • 10 ~ ISO400 - f5.0 - 1/160 sec - 4 Jan '16



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These are all so ethereal and delicately beautiful. Again sorry for your loss and focus, balance and peace in all the hectic, anxious while it implies. :( Big hugs. These are like fairy jewels.


They are very much like faerie jewels. The magic never loses its sparkle for me.

I've taken about 19 bajillion macro shots of ice and rain, so I know how challenging it is. You not only make it look easy, you've also managed to add emotion to the shots - I feel such a mixture of serenity and sorrow as I view them.

Sending lots of good thoughts to you, your partner, and your partner's family.


Thank you @traciyork. Macro is in my wheelhouse – I'm pretty well obsessed. I'm glad you perceive emotion in this set. Indeed, these speak for me in a way I presently cannot speak for myself.


I can see why you're obsessed, because you do it so well. And yes, that's one of the beautiful things about art - being able to express yourself when everyday words fail... * hugs *

good post @zipporah follback @arisviyo l steemit indonesia

Those are some really impressive close up pictures of the ice on the plants! The ones like the last one with the intricate patterns in the ice are really fascinating!


Yep...that's called dragon skin ice. The first time I saw it I gasped – I couldn't' believe how intricate the patterns were.

Sorry to hear about your loss. Thank you for letting us know you need a time out, hope to be hearing from you soon and seeing more of the unusual but beautiful pictures that you capture. I sometimes to will observe and wonder about how things come about or why my senses have never picked up on such things before.


Thank you @sunlit7. I do hope you feel inspired to look a little closer at things. The world is pretty magical place when magnified.

Sorry to hear about your partner's father passing. I know that can be tough.

Anyway, take your time @zipporah as Steemit will still be here when you want to "dive" back in :)


Much appreciated. :)

Sending you both my love, even though we haven't met yet. I have talked with your partner a bit, and he seems genuinely nice.

lovely pics


Even here...such a small world! He is pretty special. ;)

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Your post on the struggles and frustrations of getting started with SteemIt, and calling out grumpycat, really spoke to me, which brought me here.

You write with such sensitive observation, you can almost feel your worldview. Sensitive in terms of, you see all the little things in a way that makes the big picture that much bigger, that much brighter.

There should be a word for that, SEEING things at such a deep level that you feel them, become them, all the way through.

@zipporah, it was a pleasure to find you. If you have any recommendations for other writers on here to follow, please share!


I am sincerely touched by this reflection. Thank you @caincallen.

That sensitivity you speak of has made this life quite uncomfortable at times – I'm equally floored by beauty as I am knocked on my ass by all that is awful in this world.

At least I have my various facets by which to channel that seeing. Otherwise, I'd be so thoroughly grounded I'd never get up.

Take your time, dear lady — we will be here when you are ready to return, with open arms and open hearts.


This post is very emotionally touching. Wish you both all the strength and my condolences for the loss. Take care.


Oh, Zippy, I have thought of you a few times over the past couple of weeks and wondered how and where you were. I'm glad that you chose these absolutely exquisite images to return to Steemit with. And I trust that you are taking care of yourself and your beau. I understand intimately the process of which you currently find yourself a part. There is nothing like it. It is one of life's deepest paradoxes that in the midst of death, so much life is to be felt... Sending you very much love, Zippy <3 Jay xxx


Grateful for your sweet presence here @jaytaylor. It's been an intense few weeks. First with the loss of T's papa, then with the loss of a whole family who were dear friends of mine. I'm breathing my way through it all, just trusting the waves will eventually soften. Thanks for the love. <3 xo

I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. And I love that you are taking the time to have some silence and peace and I hope that you receive some well-needed healing during this time away.
Your pictures are so exquisite. I can totally see the dragonskin!!! that is my favorite.

We look forward to your return, but will wait on the right timing for you :)


Much appreciated @dreemsteem. Glad you like the pics. Isn't that pattern amazing??


It's exquisite... The small things like that... Some people don't take the time to notice. I'm glad you noticed and brought it to your attention ♥️

Sorry for your loss, zippy. Beautiful words :)


Smilin' atcha @saradear. ;)

This collection is a reflection of you - a delicate beauty waiting for the frost to melt and spring back to life and color. It feels hard to come back, but you'll find your wave. BIG HUG!!


Awww....miss @ankapolo. Thank you for seeing me as clearly as you do. Grateful to have you in my corner. <3