All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

was not written to show people that nobody is good enough, on their own merits, to merit eternal life. It was written to show religious people that they too, are sinners, just like the people they looked down on. Jesus told us what to DO to inherit eternal life: "Love God and love your neighbor. DO this and live." How hard is that to do? I'm not preaching "works salvation". Catholics and Muslims who are trying to earn salvation by good works are practicing "works salvation," but how can you earn what's already yours? What did you ever do to forfeit your salvation in the first place? Who told you you aren't good enough for God? The Bible didn't tell you that. Religious people like Kent Hovind told you that.

If God let us into heaven with even one sin we would ruin the whole place.

That's the most ridiculous thing I've heard all year. When you go to heaven you get a new spiritual body. You couldn't take your sin with you if you wanted to. Kent, "You know not the scriptures or the power of God."

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Plagiarism and spam doesn't make Steemit great though.

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Piense en todas las cosas buenas que usted recibirá por obedecer a Jehová. Tendrá salud perfecta: sin enfermedades ni achaques. Además, podrá confiar en todo el mundo, porque no habrá personas malas.
No habrá dolor ni lágrimas. Nadie se hará viejo ni morirá.

Sus amigos y sus familiares estarán con usted. Será maravilloso vivir en la Tierra hecha un paraíso.
Nadie vivirá con miedo. La gente será feliz.
El Reino de Dios acabará con todo el sufrimiento (Revelación [Apocalipsis] 21:3, 4)

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Accept Jesus as your savior romans10:13

Hi, yes, I hope to to heaven but first I must put in orden my own life then I´l make my way to that place. thanks for your videol

Yep because life in this realm is hell enough.

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Hi everyone, the Universe just send me here
Did you forget about freewill.
When a child make something 'wrong', do you punish him or do you teach him a 'better' way to do it?
You can't punish someone who doesn't know what he is doing, that would be cruelty.
Forgive them because they don't know what they do. Right?
There is no hell or heaven, that's just an other human made system of control using fear of the future.
Heaven or hell is just present in our heart.
Choose love and you'll live heaven.
Choose fear and you'll live hell.
Love to all


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I do not understand How a post on steemit can have 134 votes and there be no steem value involved. I spoke years ago to Dr. Hovind just before he went to jail. His views are a bit different now but he is still quite brilliant.

Some of the votes are flags because people don't like to see someone try to profit from just copy/pasting Youtube links and offering no original content. it's essentially plagiarism, and if done too often, also spam.

I don't agree entirely with Hovind on theology, but I like the guy on the whole.

Según mis conocimientos biblicos: del polvo nacistes y al polvo volveras. Dios promete vida eterna en la tierra a los que se han ganado el mérito tratando en lo posible de cumplir su palabra. en la biblia se habla de los 144.000 ungidos o ancianos que gobernaran junto a ´ÉL.

Él es nuestro Padre, porque nos creó. Un buen padre se preocupa por sus hijos y los educa para que les vaya bien. Dios también se preocupa por nosotros. Por eso está enseñando a personas de todo el mundo cuál es la mejor manera de vivir.
Él nos enseña verdades que nos hacen felices y nos dan esperanza.
Si lo escuchamos, Dios promete darnos guía, protección y ayuda.
Y también nos promete que viviremos para siempre.

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Looks like there's been a lot of plagiarism and spam.

Oh I see thanks jacob when I wrote that comment i was just a little kindergarden child on steemit but now I know some think about steemit community thanks for clearing it here

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