Spring Sunday Sleet Shower

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I love the bluebird !!!! [and yes, in all pics it has the look like 'wtf is dis' xD ]

Thanks, @meanmommy33, and LOL! 😍

I love your photos SO much!! And your bluebirds are spectacularly vibrant and fluffier than the ones here in Tennessee!! Bluebirds are my favorites! Well, and yellow finches.. and hummingbirds.. doves! Crows! Stop me!

LOL! Jinx! Well, kinda - I was just leaving a comment on your latest masterpiece of a song!

The bluebirds are fluffier at the moment, because they're pissed off trying to beat the chill in the air. And why stop you? LOL! Just you wait until the weather warms up, and I'm back to stalking my neighborhood birds full time.... muahahahaha!

You certainly do have an eye for good pictures!

Aww, thanks so much, @amberyooper! 😍

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Tailcicles! Poor guy! Great photos of all your critters! Most of those same birds live in my backyard in Wisconsin.

Speaking of bad weather, your area is getting hit pretty hard right now, isn't it @melinda010100? Yeah, Mother Nature isn't being very nice to our feathered friends this spring.

I posted a bird post that included weather stuff too! We got sleet just like you but it changed to snow...and it is still snowing..

Just saw your post - wowsers!

We are in a similar boat. It was nearly 80 degrees Wednesday evening and then it snowed Friday evening. It's starting to warm up again and tomorrow is supposed to be pretty nice. Then it's supposed to snow about midweek.

I love your humor!

Ugh - yep, sounds like New England this week too.

And thanks - I've been practicing it for almost 53 years! 😊

Gorgeous shots I particularly love the blue birds

Friday and Saturday we had a couple of spring days nice and sunny and pretty warm even hit 80 on Saturday but today its back late winter temps real feel never made it above freezing today

I heard that this weather might finally calm down fairly soon. August is soon, right? 😂

And thanks, @tattoodjay - the bluebirds have been spoiling me this year. 😊

Bluebirds are my favorite birds 🐦

Let’s hope we get some warmer weather soon

I haven't yet met a bird I didn't love - even the naughty cowbirds are pretty cool. 😊

And yes - here's to hoping!


I do agree all birds are beautiful in their own way

Very nice pics! I like.

Seriously, those are some awesome photos. Sorry old man winter dropped by to see you again. Not to rub it in but it was a near perfect day here in South TX. The seagulls were out on flight maneuvers IMG_20180415_135008.jpg
Maybe the image alone will warm you up a little. If you'll zoom in you can see one lonely sailboat longing for a bit more breeze.

Love that shot, Steven! It's very reminiscent of a beach in my hometown, so it definitely warms my heart. Thanks! 😊

Is looking East North East across Corpus Christi Bay from Cole park. On super clear days you can see Port Aransas on the horizon at 14 miles away.

See? On clear days, you can see the Boston skyline from Gloucester, which is something like 20 miles away (as the seagull flies). Twin cities - LOL!

Pichuichuis!!!!! That is how I call the cute birdies... I cannot bear all the "cute overload" in this post, and that squirrel too!! I could go on with the awww a few lines down :). The sounds that winter muted, now burst alive and sing :)!

I LOVE the word pichuichuis! Great word, @yidneth, and thanks! 😊

I call animals all sorts of weird names haha, my rats were "fufunchis" and all rodents. so you got also a fufunchi squirrel there lol, thank such a lovely posts.

LOL! That's wicked awesome! And thanks in return for the lovely compliments, @yidneth!

these are some really vivid photos @traciyork, they really lifted my spirits!

I'm so glad, @natureofbeing - taking pictures helps me feel centered and happy, so I'm glad they're able cheer other people up as well.

Even the cold sleet is all part of natures beauty. Great nature photos @traciyork! Especially enjoyed seeing all the different birds.

Good point, @derekrichardson! Thank you very much - I have about a zillion shots of each of these birds, but I never get tired of seeing them in my viewfinder. 😊

Finally a soul who appreciates the wild birds which 99.99999993 people take for granted every day !! I have been beating my 'bird' drum for yonks and no response (one lady posted a picture of pigeons in the city square and was offended when I called them 'ornithologic weeds' ) .. That is an amazing variety in your backyard, I am suitably impressed. Does NH stand for New Hampshire? {scratches head in puzzlement...thinks} 'Does New Hampshire even have a coast?'

LOL! Yep, my family and friends call me "The Crazy Bird Lady" so definitely a kindred soul here. And yes, NH stands for New Hampshire and there is a smallish corner of coast land.


I'll be sure to keep an eye open for your next birdie drum beat. 😊

Awesome photos Traci! I love all the amazing birds! Stay warm my friend!

Thanks, Roger - hopefully the temp will stay above freezing by the time you and Sheila arrive!

I'm sure it will! We're in Florida now. Warm and sunny!

Wicked jelly!

Don't be too jelly! Tomorrow could be wicked thunderstorms and tornadoes!

LOL! Good point! 😂

Today we finally crossed into the eastern time zone! Yahoo! I heard that you had snow today! That's crazy!

Yep, got a wicked squall going there for a bit, but luckily (for my sanity, or for what little of it remains) it didn't stick. Holy cannoli, Batman - this winter-into-spring thing is ri-donk-ulous! 😜

And welcome back to the EST! 😊

AWWWW! That squirrel is so cute! (Why are they so adorable when they are such a PITA? They eat all of our fruit off of our trees before we get any)

Those photos are glorious. I will admit that I just refused to leave the house every time we had our weird spring freezing spells. I don't mind the weather THAT much, since I do have the ability to just stay home, but my husband was beyond annoyed when all of his tomato plants died. :(

These photos are gorgeous and I love your attitude about it all!

Yep, we have two different kinds of squirrels, and one variety of chipmunk, and they drive us crazy five ways to Sunday. But every time I turn the camera on them, they suddenly become cute & cuddly... evil little furry things... LOL!

Thanks so much! I did my best to refuse leaving the house as well (the one bonus to being mom children who are now all legal adults), but sometimes circumstances made it necessary. I totally feel your husband's beyond total annoyance, even though I leave the gardening to our landlords. 😜

Again, appreciate your kind words, and if there's one thing I've learned in my 52ish years on this planet - laughter is the best way to keep your sanity. Of course, given the state of my own, not sure I'm the best spokesperson for it... 😂

Hahaha :) I've become way more laid back every year. I am starting to think that maybe I'm a little TOO chill about a lot of things.

I only have one kid at home who doesn't have her license yet and that's pretty much the only reason I leave the house. My son used to take me out for lunch every once in a while, but now he just brings food over for us to cook together, because it's cheaper and that way we can have lunch every week. That also means I don't have to leave the house! Once my last child drives, I may never leave the house again.

Wait, is that a bad thing?



I sure hope not! That GIF is my LIFE!!! :)

Okay, that's a slight exaggeration. My bed and couch are two different pieces of furniture. Although the couch IS at the foot of my bed, sooooo...

Hey, I just figured it made it easier for the person who created the gif. Don't think that counts as an exaggeration...LOL!

Lol... I'm a little pathetic. I also have my desk just a few feet from my couch, though. Does that make it a little better? (I see a post about my living space coming soon!)

Sounds perfect to me - LOL! And yes, do it!