Klipperrace Day 2 [BLOG] - Day of the triangle

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If you have not seen the first part of this blog entry please click here for the full story.

It was sunday and the second day of the Klipperrace 2019 and the task was to sail the olympic triangle.

This photo explains it a bit more. Of cause the wind is not coming always from north :)

The traditional Olympic triangle course consists of a lap (starting with a beat or work to windward from the starting line to the top, weather or windward mark, a first reaching leg to the wing mark (also known as the gybe mark), a second reaching leg from the wing mark to the bottom or leeward mark), a hot dog (a beat to the top mark with a square run back to the bottom mark), another lap and then a beat to the finish line, which may have one end at the top mark, or may be set beyond the top mark. More

Our start window was at around 11:30 but we started early, so we left the harbor at around 9:30 - trained a bit and watched the other classes go! The weather was a bit better, so we enjoyed some drinks and breakfast at sea.

The Klipper Willem Jacob passing

Anna was looking forward to a exciting race and so the rest of us was. The mood on board was good, so we were ready to start.

The fleet was following!

A glimpse of sun kissed marcs face.

Two mast klipper Johanna Englina

When sailing the triangle it happens a lot that a few boats "clump" up and sail together dangerously close. Its a sight to see!

Commitment, passion and some fire is key in order to get a decent result in a regatta. On boats like this everything is manual labor. Loads of winds, hughe sails and big ropes need a lot of people and a lot of cheering. Anna does her best as you can see.

Sometimes little course corrections lead to big effects as you can see on this photo. The ships go into a slightly different direction.

It was not the warmest day. As you can see Baas is geared up!

The "Deinemeid" - As per usual with way to much sail - They really want to win (They placed 5th overall)

Another photo of the "Deinemeid" a bit later - Notice that they changed they stay sail?

A regatta is not just endless action. There are moments of peace and quite as well. Nikolas did enjoy that certainly. He was the leader of the front.

And sometimes the whole crew is called forward since this changes the characteristics of the boat. Imaging when 15 people move forward on a boat. The back will go up a little and reduce drag! I thought is a good opportunity for a group shot.

The "Stella Maris" pushed as fast as she could.

It is important to always trim the sails. So does Jace here.

The "Daagerad" and "Deinemeid" battle it out!

Of cause there are not just young people on board. Everybody is welcome and everybody at their own pace. The mayor thing is that we do this together!

And of cause not always went everything the way it is supposed to. Take a look at the upper section of the second mast. See the ripped sail? Poor Klipper Bontekoe

Last but certainly not least - The skipper - Daan focused behind the wheel! - Thanks Daan!

And this is the end of my little Klipperrace 2019 report. We took the 12th place overall and were happy with it. Sometimes it is really not so much about winning but about having a good time doing the things we love!

If you like what you saw check out last years Klipperace here: https://steemit.com/photofeed/@ricpicks/klipperrace-day-1


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