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Klipperrace 2019 - A Riscy story

As every year in Enkhuizen / Netherlands, Klipperrace took place. Klipperrace is a regatta where only a particular boat type can participate. Thats the so called Klippers or in English Clippers.

The race consists of two races spread out over two days. The famous Three Cities Race is sailed on Saturday. This race starts with the spectacular anchor start in the Krabbersgat its in front of the harbor) near Enkhuizen. Two of the three designated buoys must then be rounded. These buoys are located at Medemblik, Stavoren and Urk. The finish is again in the Krabbersgat.

An Olympic course is sailed on Sunday. The two classes start one after the other and the courses partially overlap, so that the field stays together for the entire race.

This year we sailed on the Risico - a 24 meter long - 1 mast Klipper.

In 1895 the sailing clipper Risico was finished at "van den Adel" shipyard in Papendrecht / Netherlands.
Built in the heyday of sailing freight, she proves to be a great ship even after more than 120 years.

Skipper Daan was really brought up with sailing.
As a very fanatic sailor and Wadden connoisseur, he is happy to take you to the special places outside of the tourist crowds.

Unfortunately the weather was not the greatest but never the less we had a lot of fun and excitement!

The Risico is a charter boat - this means that visitors are paying guests. They come to have a good time, sail and enjoy their time on the water. When ever you have guests, you need some guys who know what they are doing.

This time we had Timo the old mate of the Risico sailing with us. He is a Swizz and a lovely character.

As a second mate we had Tom. He is a regatta sailor who worked on the Risico this year as acting mate.

And of cause we had me as a third mate. (this photo is from another time and another ship)

The anchor start went really well this year. We hoisted the sails, pulled the anchor up and of we went.

This year 33 vessels of all sizes competed. Since the start is in a narrow channel the start can end up in mayhem but it went fairly smooth this year.

Of cause we all were hyped to give our best. Roel was in the beginning especially fanatic .

And of went the bigger ships. They had tremendous sails (for the size of the ships).

We were focused!

A look forward.

I thought Urs was especially photogenic. He did not feel the same way but a lot of people have that.

We were a little faster this time!

The real boss oversee's everything. (in the back: Geerte - Dan's wife)

Timo took a good look at ships in the distance while thinking about our tactics.

This is the "Jeppe van schier" - traditional 2 mast sailing vessel from the Netherlands.

Jace was kind enough to just hold the jib sail with his hand since it was flopping a lot. Job well done!

We concluded the first day as 12th in the middle of the field. We were wet but happy.

Make sure to come back tomorrow for more photos and the conclusion of the klipperrace 2019 for the klipper Risico

If you like what you saw check out last years Klipperace here: https://steemit.com/photofeed/@ricpicks/klipperrace-day-1


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thank you very much!!!

Those boats are sick! :)

very indeed =)

Hi ricpicks,

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The race seems exciting and the photographs are spectacular. It's very interesting and I think teamwork is paramount. A big hello @ricpicks

and a big hello back! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment =)

Hello Hello!

I liked your post, it was very interesting, I read it completely and it fascinated me, the photos are sensational!

Greetings from Venezuela:)x

thank you very very much! greez from germany!

I love those photos! Especially those ones focused on people. You managed to capture their emotions very well (or so it looks)

That event wouldn't be very interesting to me as I'm afraid of deep water and avoid any water sports BUT you documented it greatly and it was a pleasure to go through your photos.

Thank you for sharing!

thank you! fun fact: the water is only 5-6 meters deep there :))

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