Shot & Thought #14 - The whirl of time

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Time - something what we cannot see - all the clocks are just a creation of human need to observe it, to count it, to measure and to have control over it - but We don't have control over time. It is flowing, it is unstoppable. All other theories are just a sci-fi wishes. Not in our lives, maybe we will be able to understand what really time is after our deaths - maybe than we will understand all the mechanics which rule the world...or worlds... I hope it is like that -with this hope - death is not so scary, its like the answer to all the questions which we cannot answer now.

Why about this today? - Because people who have so many hobbies, suffer lack of time every day. People like me, who has thousands of unfinished stuff and projects just because there was not enough time to do so. How to grow time?? How to use it better?? Anybody have idea??

The wirl

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CategoryLandscape/Long exposure/Panoramic
Settings16mm | ISO200 | f9.0 | 80sec
GearCanon 6D + Canon 16-35mm f4.0 + NiSi ND1000 + NiSi polar
LocationHomla river, Hommelvik, Norway
TechniquePanoramic shot from 5 vertical shots, hand stitching

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Lovely landscape! Did you focus stacked? It's so sharp...

I try to get things done quickly, maybe they are not the best they could be but I like to move forward. I've been lots of years of not publishing anything because I was "trying things". Lot of wasted time.


Hi, The shots are single , without stacking, in this gear f9.0 is enough to get really good depth of field. I think You have right with making things done before trying new ones. I must be more consequent in my works. Thanks for good comment!

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I start to differentiate your photos in my feed instantly.. I go to my feed and I see a great photo and I think.. this must be @photovisions.. I go and check the name and yes... it is.. :D
I can understand you so well... I have so many things to finish. More time please!!!! argghh...
Did you know that time stops inside a black hole? But I don't want to go there... not yet... ;)


Woow, great conpliment, thank You! About this black hole- many strange theories about it, incredible stuff! Maybe they are the gates to totaly different universes where time doesnt exists... Nice to think about it sometimes.

wow great shot ! The composition is just beautiful :)


Great thanks!! Took me a while to get the right shots on place which can build this panoramic view. I am happy You like it!

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I don't have any ideas; I've been struggling with time the last few weeks. Never enough of it, and skipping sleep is no option! But I love this photo. :)

Yeah I'm always short on time for all the projects and hobbies... but I'm just trying to do what's most present and what will be a long term happiness and often that isn't related to photography or business. But finding ways to integrate the two does make me happy.