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RE: The Universe in a Cup of Coffee

in #photofeed5 years ago

I was hoping for the beer post, but coffee is all right and the photo is beautiful. It's true, you can get some fantastic photos out of nothing. And the Turkish coffee might be like the Vietnamese or other Asian coffees... full of sediments... I'm not a fan, I confess...
I make a beer one this week... I will, at least when my beer experiences in Japan last in my camera roll.
But my favorite coffee is still Nespresso (the dark blue).
Should I say cheers?


Sorry to disappoint you; I am not sure if I will have a beer post this week :) You can still say cheers, though, even with a cup of coffee :) Haha
Nespresso dark blue? Is it one of those coffee capsules?
I am getting the impression that you were out for a beer every night in Japan 😁

I was!!!! How did you guess ;)? We can say cheers with a coffee yes! So cheers! Nespresso is the one of the capsules, yes, and it´s my favorite so far, although I always love to try new flavors of... everything! maybe next beer vlog of yours you can make the video and then start backwards... would it work?
PS (psssss): please vote on my comment if you can, please, thanks, grazie, obrigada, Blagodarya! Благодаря! Arigato!

Well, you were on a holiday, so what else could you do? :)
Next beer vlog - I have to think about it :) Thanks for the idea, though! It might as well work that way.
I am heading to the Beer Saturday post now :)

Thanks, Dan! I think I can have a chance this week :), let's see...! I'm expecting your vlog, now you made us get used to it ;)

Haha, I feel pressured! I don't know if I can meet these expectations 😁

Of course you can! Don't feel the pressure, just let it flow!

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