The Universe in a Cup of Coffee

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This is how a mundane cup of coffee becomes art:

• Order a cup of Turkish coffee and make sure you drink most of it so that there's at least some sediment left on the cup's walls.

• Pull out the camera (smartphone) out of your bag (pocket), and start playing with the subject. Move it around, tilt it, stand up and get low, get up close to it. Examine it from different angles while looking through the viewfinder.

• Ignore the few weird looks from the neighboring tables.

• Ignore your friends who will start making fun of you after a few minutes.


Now seriously: if you put the time and effort, you can create some fascinating photography using seemingly boring objects from your everyday. My coffee shot from yesterday morning is a perfect example of this. At first, I thought that I can capture a reflection of the camera and my hands, but after I moved the cup closer to the source of light, I noticed the dust particles that were floating on top of the coffee leftover. When I looked again through the viewfinder, I realized that they resemble a huge collection of stars! There's little to no editing and 0 Photoshop.

I hope this post served as inspiration for those of you who sometimes don't know what to take pictures of :)

As always, thanks for dropping by!

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Nice try. I know this is a black hole. Almost believed the coffee story.

I am confused lol. mostly on the edge of the photo.

I am confused about what confuses you 😁

then a gess my work is done :P

I am exposed 😁

@sulev this is what I am thinking too

@irreverent-dan... ignore those hater and keep up the great work!!

I read this on a little break from constructing my latest post. I’d already taken the photos. Eerily, I did a very similar thing with ginger ale.

Coincidence? 😱

Coincidence? I don't think so! 😁

The bottom of the bottle makes for a very cool abstract shape in one of your ginger ale photos :)

The universe sure does manifest in some surprisingly tiny places. 😉

I find I'm on parallel with several other Steemians. It's a bit weird how we hit on the same things at the same time.

This photo proves that a true artist mind never rest.
I Love the shot and I Love Coffee also. What is not to Love about this post.
Thank You, Dan, for sharing your inspiration.

And I thank you for the kind words! I'm very glad that you liked the photo :)

Now tell me, what's your favorite coffee bean and how do you prepare it? I have been thinking lately of getting a chemex coffeemaker.

Hi Dan, I use a med roasted Arabica whole bean. I grind it up fresh every morning and use a drip filter system. I will look into that chemex coffeemaker. I have been told that one of the best ways to prepare coffee is French pressing which I have yet tried.

Grinding it up right before brewing makes a difference in taste, right? French pressed coffee tastes really nice :)

Nothing beats the freshly ground beans,I love the smell I cant get enough of it.

I know! Sometimes when I'm in the kitchen, I open the coffee jar for a second just to smell it :)

Yes, it is almost as satifing as drinking a nice cup full.

This photo proves that a true artist mind never rest.

I like this, cause this is how I feel.

ahaha :) I drink turkish coffee 3 times a day. but it never came to mind to do it :)
You gave me a good idea. I'll try it at the first opportunity :)

Haha :) Let's see if you can replicate this shot :P


Nice. Hard to get Turkish coffee up here.

Thanks man! It's super easy to brew it yourself. Well, that is if you have one of those Turkish coffee pots :)

I was hoping for the beer post, but coffee is all right and the photo is beautiful. It's true, you can get some fantastic photos out of nothing. And the Turkish coffee might be like the Vietnamese or other Asian coffees... full of sediments... I'm not a fan, I confess...
I make a beer one this week... I will, at least when my beer experiences in Japan last in my camera roll.
But my favorite coffee is still Nespresso (the dark blue).
Should I say cheers?

Sorry to disappoint you; I am not sure if I will have a beer post this week :) You can still say cheers, though, even with a cup of coffee :) Haha
Nespresso dark blue? Is it one of those coffee capsules?
I am getting the impression that you were out for a beer every night in Japan 😁

I was!!!! How did you guess ;)? We can say cheers with a coffee yes! So cheers! Nespresso is the one of the capsules, yes, and it´s my favorite so far, although I always love to try new flavors of... everything! maybe next beer vlog of yours you can make the video and then start backwards... would it work?
PS (psssss): please vote on my comment if you can, please, thanks, grazie, obrigada, Blagodarya! Благодаря! Arigato!

Well, you were on a holiday, so what else could you do? :)
Next beer vlog - I have to think about it :) Thanks for the idea, though! It might as well work that way.
I am heading to the Beer Saturday post now :)

Thanks, Dan! I think I can have a chance this week :), let's see...! I'm expecting your vlog, now you made us get used to it ;)

Haha, I feel pressured! I don't know if I can meet these expectations 😁

Of course you can! Don't feel the pressure, just let it flow!

Dude, I love this creativity dude! Thanks for sharing... I just had a gander through your feed and I love your work ☺️ I love forwards to seeing more over time!

Thank you so much, Tristan, and nice to meet you! I am very glad that you liked the stuff that I post :)

I love forwards to seeing more over time!

I am far from being the most active photographer on Steemit, but I am doing my best to post 2-3 times a week :)

It's indeed one of the best things a photographer can do: learn to see the beauty in mundane objects! Well done :-)
(My favourite compliment I get as a photographer is: "Uh? We were there at the same place at the same time but I didn't even notice that!")

Thank you, Rosanne :) Yes, that's a really nice compliment!

I think it's very interesting when you are, let's say, on location with another photographer taking pictures of the same subject. And at the end, when you compare the pictures, you realize how differently we perceive things :) Have you experienced or thought about that?

Nice to meet you, by the way

Coffee: Taking our creativity to whole new levels daily.

Can't talk - too much caffeine - too much to do x

Do you think coffee really makes us more creative? :)

I quit caffeine for like a week, and I can say that one thing I was really struck by was my lack of enthusiasm. It wasn't only that I didn't have the energy boost, but also that I wasn't interested in doing my work or the things I usually find interesting. I think it also releases dopamine.

I guess that's normal regardless of whether it's coffee or any other addictive substance :) I've also heard some friends saying that they had headaches after quitting coffee for a few days.

Well, it gives me the energy to create!

That's good! The only reason I drink coffee is the taste :) I don't get an energy boost from it, but that could be because I drink it slowly.

I never drink anything slowly! Although I should...

that's a beautiful coffee cup ☕️ hope you enjoyed it :DD

Oh, I did very much! :) How do you like your coffee?

well I'm more of a tea person 🍵 hha :p

  • cheers!

Haha, what's your favorite type of tea then? :P

chai tea with almond milk :DD

I gotta give this one a try! Once, I had black tea with milk and sugar - didn't like it at all :)

Hahaha... Yep! Been there! Well, not with Turkish coffee, since we can't get that here, but definitely with a chai tea latte once or twice :-)

Those people that give you strange looks? They're the ones that see amazing photos and say to themselves, "why didn't I think of that?"

They're the ones that see amazing photos and say to themselves, "why didn't I think of that?"

Haha, exactly! Did you manage to get some abstract shots of your chai latte? :))

I did! I had a macro lens on, so I was trying to isolate bubbles... lol

You drank the universe! Damn, I wondered what happened... :-))
Wonderful picture. Thanks.

I expanded my consciousness and became aware of all dimensional realms 😁
Thank you so much, dude!

Here's another foto of dimensional issues you might like. Just don't let the streams cross!

(Sorry, that was a Ghostbusters reference...I don't know if you speak Movie. :-))

Haha, I am not much of a Ghostbusters fan 😁 That tree looks old!

Everything can be a photo subject. Imagine what look on peoples faces you would get if you started to predict future from it ;) . I don’t know is that a custom in Bulgaria, but in Bosnia is. Usually “fortune teller” would start with sentence: “I see some money which will come to you soon...”. In this case: I see that some steem is on its way 😉. And if there is empty ring without grounded coffee remains at the bottom means, you are clearing old way of life for the new venture, at the moment little under the stress, hahahahah...I miss that harmless fun.

Lol, I see that you are quite skilled in reading leftover coffee 😁


This is the most creative shot I've seen in a long time....I love that you found the universe in your coffee yesterday. I see the stars....I saw them before I read that is what you noticed. The black hole draws me in and everything moves.....what's that all about?

Also if I were there, I wouldn't laugh laugh.....although I might snicker or giggle a bit. :)


I am very proud of this one, Deb 😊 And I am also very pleased that you liked it! Well, from what I've seen in movies, that's what you should experience when a black hole starts sucking you in.


This would be a good photo for self meditation. You are getting don't want to eat that extra piece of cake......

Haha, I see you have cake-related problems 😁

I think that for meditation purposes, you'd like to have something that doesn't induce vertigo while looking at it :) Hypnosis - maybe!

Yes, I confess, I love cake. Pretty much any kind :) And an extra slice is always better right? Cake makes life way better. And that order :)

I totally agree about cakes and coffee and their influence on the quality of life 😁

This applies to everything! Writing, life. There's inspiration EVERYWHERE.

There is :) It's just that sometimes we fail to notice the small details and things that surround us. At least I do when I think too much or daydream :)

I agree with you, you can do many things with coffee. Even tell the future 😁
Ok, that was a joke but seriously, I'm planning to draw something and color it with coffee. I have to buy some instant coffee and combined with Turkish coffee will be perfect!

Fortune telling is no joke - @bananamemos just started such a service on Steemit 😁
Are you going to do it on canvas?

Ooop 😁 I'll check it out later.
No, I don't work on canvas. Paper is the best for coffee. It would bleed on canvas.
I bought instant coffee today, so I just have to figure out a scene that looks great using shades of brown.
Any ideas? 😊

Hmm, you can try to paint an autumn tree :)

Thanks for the suggestion, I guess I am going to place it next to a brick wall or church. I guess it'll be a good scene :)

I imagined it in a more minimalist way :) But you should paint it the way you want, of course!

I can do both :)

This is brilliant! Drinkin' the galaxy for breakfast

Haha, thank you Jeff! I drank 2 whole galaxies this morning 😁

Maybe you could read your future in the coffee grounds,
like a gypsy reading tea leaves.

Good idea! Maybe I should start practicing it... And maybe (when I become good at it) I can even create a coffee reading service on Steem - that'd be another stream of income 😁

hahaha Love it! People take a picture of their coffee dregs, send it to you, you tell them the future. Let me know if you're not going to do this; I can already feel a banana gypsy character bubbling up! :-)

Lol, I am not doing it for sure, so you can start working on your new banana character 😁

Wow!!! That's so sweet... It really does look like a galaxy.. Now to come up with a suitable name... Coffee Cupis Proxima or maybe Andromeda Latte...

No, I have it! Coffee the milky way aka flat white

Such a cool idea though to photograph everyday things and see what you come up with..

Wow, you are so good at this, man! I love all names you came up with 😁 If I ever happen to own a coffee place or something, I know who I am going to ask for advice when it comes to naming the drinks in the menu. Thank you so much!

Thank you for this, I think this is exactly what I needed to hear. Just got to keep on working, trying, changing the angle, moving and finally getting that great image! You are an inspiration :)

You are welcome, and I hope you are not being sarcastic 😁

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Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
Check the rules of the Daily Spotlights if you want to nominate someone!

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