Budapest, Hungary

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Well Europe just seems to have these beautiful gems all over, doesn't it. With 2 weeks in Europe and many fantastic cities to visit, I really had zero expectations of Budapest - I was much more excited for Prague and Reykjavik. Much to my surprise, I absolutely loved Budapest. Heres a few reasons why:

1: Architecture - its mind blowing.
2: Food - wow... some of the best food I've ever had. Goulash... you don't even know.
3: Beer for 2 Euro (a little cheaper in Prague though)
4: Ruin Pubs/Bars - this is just too cool. An abandoned building that gets filled up with different pubs and bars, dance floors, coffee shops, etc.. and then during daylight hours it turns into a little market - how is this not a thing everywhere?
5: Thermal Baths. I need more of these in my life.

And now here are some examples, each relating the my 'favourite things' list.

1: Architecture





Here is New York Cafe from the inside:








3: No pics of beer, but I'm sure you can figure out what that looks like...

4: Ruin Pubs/Bars



5: Thermal Baths



I hope you enjoyed my little review of Budapest! I hope we can get back there soon, it was such a fantastic city - highly recommended to everyone if you can!

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I had a dear friends Who came from Budapest. Her mum usually cooked us Golash: It was tasty and probably the best I have never eaten.
So delicious.
Thank you for this post👍

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When I visited Budapest for the first time I was surprised too. I love Prague and I didn't think that Budapest could be so good. The architecture is amazing, food delicious and all those old buildings turned into something amazing are incredible. I've never heard about the thermal baths though. I will be spending 2 days in Budapest before Christmas and will check it out.

Thank you for sharing your impressions from Budapest. I'm glad that you enjoyed Europe :)

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for you're lovely comment. Yes, Prague and Budapest are both fantastic. I certainly loved Prague, it stole my heart immediately. I do think there is just something about Budapest that is just so amazing. The thermal baths are worth going to - I think there are quite a few different ones. We were only able to try one while we were there but, if we get to go back, we'll check out some others.

have a wonderful trip to Budapest!

I used to live in Prague for 6 years and I keep coming back as much as I can. I'm happy that I live in Switzerland but I just need to go back from time to time :)

Thank you! This reminds me that I still have to book a hotel room, lol

Beautiful building art

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it was very beautiful :)

Heey these are really nice shots man! :D Loved the last one!
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Thank you very much! :D

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Holy cow! I had no idea about this city. This is a great post to let us see it. I love the moodiness of your first shot and the very cool trolley or train view.

I do not know how long it has been since I thought of goulash. My mom had a recipe from her Hungarian friend and it was a part of my childhood at least a couple of times I month. I sure wish I had some now. Lucky you!

Yes, it is such a fun city. I also had no idea what to expect. Thank you for your kind words and comment! Hope you get to have some delicious goulash soon :D

Your photos manage to capture the grandeur of Budapest. I really like those wonderful, elegant, and full of history architecture.
Congratulations for your curie vote ^_^.

The interior of New York café is amazing, stunning and awesome! With all of those, I can say that Budapest indeed have great architecture. Thanks for sharing those photos!

I wonder if the thermal bath is really thermal and not electricity that is running it. 😊

Beautiful series of Budapest, you are right there are many nice tourist destinations in Europe that you can easily reach and of course many have old architecture with their history. The pictures embraced the astonishing sculptures and you were lucky to be able to fit the sculpture with the architecture on one shot. Nice painting on the ceiling too, that is most amazing in my eyes, as it is difficult to work over head, the size of painting and such a height.

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since I use steemit I feel that I have traveled all over the world. with your post I finally met Budapest.

You are very right, the architecture is impressive. like your ability to capture the moment with your photographs.

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. and personally for making me move to Hungary

Oh woooow, I was there like 4 years ago and there wasn't a straight "tram" or train or however it's called up to the hill with those statues and stuff. We had to walk it haha :D

You mentioned prague. Any chance you were also in Bratislava, Slovakia. Or did you go Prague-Vienna-Budapest as 90% of people decide to go? :/ I'm from Slovakia and we're getting noooo love at all hahah :D

The New York cafe is spectacular I would leave with neck pain so much that I would look at that beautiful ceiling ..

Budapest has a fascinating architecture, you can see that you had a great time, I loved all your pictures but without a doubt I have to stay with the impressive ceiling. A big hug from Venezuela @nofatnowhip!!