Best of 2018

in photofeed •  20 days ago

I just uploaded my final Youtube video of the year, showcasing my 10 favorite photos of 2018 together with some behind the scenes footage.

I have to say that 2018 was a very productive year, both in terms of photography and videography. I managed to upload a video to my Youtube channel nearly once a week, which I'm quite proud of. Now I'm just missing a few more subscribers, so don't forget to follow me here on Steemit and, if you like, also on Youtube.

And now I wish all of you some great final moments in 2018 and a good start into 2019.

See you next year!

Michael Breitung Photography

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Hello, I'm part of the TravelFeed Team ... I love the video but for now we require at least 250 words. We understand that putting together a video takes a long time and we're looking to curate videos in the near future which won't require the that min word count. Would you be interested in curating travel videos? If so, find me on discord.


Hello, totally understand. Normally I write a bit more, but I didn't have much time today. Same goes for curating. I barely get my videos done in time these days ;-) But thanks for the invite

There was a great production there, I loved everything in your video, the photographs and the small tours, you made a great edition, I hope to continue seeing more of your work this new year here in Steemit, a big hug @mibreit-photo

I have no words! Mostly we get to see just the pictures and that's it, but having to see the location, places and experiences behind each of the shots are so much appreciated, and not just words but a video, I can explain how amazing this post is

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Thanks for selecting my post. Really appreciated and I'm glad that I can share those experiences with the steemit community.

If you want you can include the following lines, if it's not too late:

"2018 was an exciting year with many travels. I was fortunate to visit both the Seychelles and Vietnam for the second time. But I also visited new places like Malta. In this article and video, I show you the 10 best photos I captured on those travels."

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An amazing collection @mibreit-photo! Your photography and video skills are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing with us and Happy New Year to you!

Wow! Wonderful photos and a great video! Definitely the planet at its best! Happy 2019.

Wow this is great! So glad I found you on Steem and get to see your work and this beautiful world through your eyes.