And I thank you for the kind words! I'm very glad that you liked the photo :)

Now tell me, what's your favorite coffee bean and how do you prepare it? I have been thinking lately of getting a chemex coffeemaker.

Hi Dan, I use a med roasted Arabica whole bean. I grind it up fresh every morning and use a drip filter system. I will look into that chemex coffeemaker. I have been told that one of the best ways to prepare coffee is French pressing which I have yet tried.

Grinding it up right before brewing makes a difference in taste, right? French pressed coffee tastes really nice :)

Nothing beats the freshly ground beans,I love the smell I cant get enough of it.

I know! Sometimes when I'm in the kitchen, I open the coffee jar for a second just to smell it :)

Yes, it is almost as satifing as drinking a nice cup full.

This photo proves that a true artist mind never rest.

I like this, cause this is how I feel.

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