The Geometry of Bucharest Metro

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Going to Bucharest for the weekend and being overloaded with work after that resulted in my absence from Steemit during the last few days. I was able to read and upvote some articles, but writing comments was impossible. The more time I spend on the platform, the more I realize that this is like having another job. But enough of that - let's go back to Bucharest!

My trip wouldn't have been complete if I hadn't gone underground to see the metro; I was curious about what the subway system would look like in a neighboring ex-communist country. Plus, you are well aware of my obsession with lines and geometry. In a nutshell, the subway stations are old, but the trains are new! The latter looked like spaceships if I am to compare them to the trains that service the metro in Sofia.


I had the chance to explore Piata Romana, which is one of the strangest subway stations that I have seen. From what I got to know, Piata Romana was not included in the original plans when they were building the metro line - it was added later in the 80's as an intermediate station between as an intermediate station between the University and Piata Victoriei. What's strange about is the width of the platforms - they are so narrow that I had the feeling that one wrong step will send me down on the train tracks. There was something charming and beautiful about the marble flooring, the polished tiles, the lines, and the lighting.


Can you spot the human elements?


Out of Piata Romana and into a street full of diverse architecture. These are some communist buildings in the background.


Ever been to Bucharest?

Thanks for stopping by!

Bonus shot from another metro station, the name of which I cannot remember.



I also have not,but after this i want even more! Followed you,incredible blog!

Thanks a lot, Edgars! I've been following your blog for quite some time now :) Where were you from? I have Estonia on my mind.

No, I have not been to Bucharest. I didn't know where it was until I looked it up! I have not been on the other side of the ocean. ;)

Your subway (that's what we call it) or metro is very linear and narrow. I noticed how close the people were hugging the wall. thanks!! I'd be nervous. You always make such great shots.

Re Steemit being like a is. I'm not into it anymore. It's lost its charm for now anyhow.

I love the last shot with the girl in the red coat climbing the stairs to the outside - you captured it at the right time to include the red from the building.

Hey Deb, and you always leave such wonderful comments! 😊 Thank you heartily! I was extremely lucky to capture that last shot with the girl :)

Why do you think Steemit has lost its charm?

It just occurred to me as I was taking a second have a person in each photo even though it looks desolate. You are tres clever!

Hehe, yes! :) I will allow myself to quote Lisa "I’m not staring at the people but they make the shots."
Do you often take second and third looks? I do 😊

Yup. That's how I learn and plus I'm curious.

Yes, I know that you are curious - that's one of the things I really like about you 😊

Aw, that's very sweet of you to say. Thank you :)

I'm good, I'm good. I just let someone on Steemit really bother me and didn't know how to handle it. She went around to various posts complaining about me for about a week. I've blocked her so now I don't have to see it.

I'd love to tell you more but .... it's not worth the energy.

Drama. 🤮

People can suck. Accept for the ones who don’t. I’ve learned - and still relearn on occasion - that my energy is far better spent with the few awesome humans than the masses of sucky ones.

Deep breaths. We got you.

Aw, thanks @outrayjust. Drama is a waste of energy that is for sure.

Honey, just ignore. Hugs!

Great photos dear. Yes I visited Bucharest but in those strange socialist times, while Nicolae Ceauşescu was the president. Even if I lived in at that time socialist country (Yugoslavia) I was shocked how poor people were.
And yes steemit at this point of time and with this concept is sucking the fun out of posting and interacting with people. My opinion is that social platform should be all about fun and communication, not about “you have to do this in order to get that”...

Yes, it's hard to imagine the terrible times they have been through during Caeusescu's regime. I liked the city a lot now. I have also been to Brasov a few years ago - such a beautiful city!

Well, I am still having fun interacting with my friends here :) But being super active on a daily basis is very difficult.

I am happy that you liked the photos, and thank you for the resteem, Di!

I’ve never been there. But I recognize elements of stations here. Probably because of the more modern architecture and design. There’re a lot better f things in L.A. the were also built n the 80s.

BTW, this is one of those posts that didn’t show for me until just now when I went to your page to check your weekly beer post. I admit not stopping by yesterday. Or the day before. (I sick 🤒) But I was here the previous days and didn’t see it. Maddening! I’m noticing that Steemit isn’t always refreshing for me...even though I’m loading it newly every day and navigating around. This morning your upvote and comments on my most recent post didn’t show up at all on any of my devices. Until finally they did. But I swear I’m being punked.

Now for my “review”: Wonderful composition and use of the geometry. Good lines always work for me. 😬 And I love the human element. Personally I almost always prefer photos with people in them...or at least some form of subject that can be anthropomorphized. Great job! The balance you created is very skillful. I’m not staring at the people but they make the shots.

Steemit a job? Why yes, I concur. If only it wasn’t so hit or miss... I’m still trying to crack the code of consistent success...while refusing to engage in creating fluff pieces, financial advice, and/or utilizing bots.

I would have suggested that you clear your browser history, but having the same issue on all your devices is very strange. Have you tried logging out and in again? Have you tried using to see whether you experience the same problem? Did you know that I worked in technical support department for a year? 😁

I’m not staring at the people but they make the shots.

I looked again at the photos after reading this, and you are absolutely right! The eyes are not drawn to the people, but the people make the photos complete. To be honest, I didn't think of that when taking the shots. Anyways, thank you Lisa - I am happy that you liked them :)

Steemit as a job - when the price of 1 Steem reaches $100 :) Or when we get a couple of whale followers 😋

Interesting shots. The architectural feel to them is nice! A couple of them look like areas I wouldn't maybe feel so comfortable in after dark!

Haha, the subway stations that I visited surely looked like places where you wouldn't want to be after midnight. However, as far as I am aware, the city is very safe :) Thanks for your comment, Mark!

I like that second bit a lot, great cool lighting

I am glad that you like it, man. The combination of the fluorescent lamps and the pink glow was fantastic. I also love how the ceiling reflected the pink light :)

Very beautiful photos - my favorite is the third one!;-)

Thank you @liflorence! The third one is my favorite, too :)

Cool looking metro! Nice shots

Thank you Robert! 🙇

The last pic - Eroilor, maybe? Anyway, yeah you are right, the station from Piata Romana is kinda different than others and a little bit weird but it's fun traveling with the subway if it's not too crowded :D

Maybe :) I can only imagine how Piata Romana looks in the morning 🙄🚇 Thanks for your comment, Gabriela!

It's insane, better not to visit it in the morning haha

I am oddly fascinated by the red door. Looks like an interesting station. But really want to know what is behind the red door.

The shot with the red door looks like it's taken from one of those survival horror games :) The sign above the door is also very odd.
Thanks for your comment, man!

Nice lines and it must have been an interesting trip, hope you had time for a beer too:)

Oh, yes! I had time to visit a few beer bars, and the dedicated beer post is in the making :) Thank you, Lakshmi!

God news Dan :)

Yep. I've been to Budapest. I don't think I went to that station though. Those narrow platforms look pretty scary.

Did you go to the really old one with all the wooden slats? Cant remember the name but I must have a photo of it somewhere. 😊

It's Bucharest, Gillian 😁 I wonder how many people have fallen from the platforms 😨

The one with the wooden slats you are referring to is Budapest, right?

Yes I was referring to Budapest! Duh!

It was late at night and I had had a couple of glasses of wine so that's my excuse. Well spotted though! 😁

So nice to see the metro station in other photographers perspective. I was sad when @catalincernat told me you are visiting and i had to work all weekend. Hope we will be able to meet someday and get a beer! Cheers man!

Next time, Victor :) There's much to explore there, and I only tried a few of the local beers :) Cheers, and thanks for your comment!

Second one is incredibly great! Nice lighted shots. Good work!

Thank you @chorock! :) I am happy that you liked them

Great shots, man! Damn I'm so mad that I couldn't make it.

Thanks, man! Next time :)) Is @victorcovrig your bro?

Not like real brother. A goid friend though. :)

You're right, I feel the same, being aware that's so much to explore and with no time for it! I'd love to be retired already ;). Wonderful photos, Dan!

Haha, do you have a daytime job, by the way?

Obrigado! 😊

De nada ;)... I do have, but my plan is to stop within one year or two. And dedicate myself to photography and travel!

Fingers crossed that you will be able to do that :)

I will, so help me God!

Contemporary De Chirico. Love the lines, light and solidity. The atmosphere of isolation and lack of humanism is slightly disturbing ~ But adds so much to the works.

No, I haven't been to Bucharest. So it's really wonderful to have these glimpses of what it would be like traveling through the subways ~ From a creative perspective. 🦋

I have never heard of De Chirico before, but now I see why you are making the connection :) He has some awesome paintings!

Thank you, Ally! Lack of Humanism - I love that! Can I use it in the future? 😊

I guess Warsaw metro would look exactly the same if build when planned ... but we had to wait until 1995 for the first section, and now second line is in construction.
But I have a lot of sentiment for the images like these you posted. Reminds me my childhood a bit ;-)

Oh, and all these are great, but second one is a masterpiece!

Thanks a lot, Adam! 😊🙇I am glad that you liked them.

It's hard to grasp how a huge city like Warsaw survived without metro until '95. Why did you postpone building it?

OK, so in 1927 we had first plans drawed. But in early '30s crisis came, and there was no money.
We came back to the idea couple of years after, and in 1938 we almost started. Unfortunately, for next 5 long years poles were too busy dying to take care of Metro.
In 1945 we were back in the game, and quite soon - due to geopolitics - someone decided that it has to be really deep. You know, to let citizens survive NATO nukes ;-)
But it was too hard to do, and the cost was too high. They just failed.
Better times came around 1970, but this time Metro lost to the roads.
In the beginning of 80's finally someone noticed that the roads won't solve transportation issues. In 1983 construction of todays Metro started.
But it was quite difficult time, and Metro budget was an easy target when government needed money somewhere else.
Construction took years and years. In the meantime Soviet Union collapsed, we got some freedom, and finally - also Metro :D

I feel much better now :D

Haha, I am not totally aware of Sofia's history either :) Thank you for taking the time to research and share this!

OMG, you know what?


And I find this lack of knowledge really embarassing.

I will come back with the short version of the story of the Warsaw Metro soon ;-)

Subways are so undervalued for photography. Actually often a perfect location!

I am not sure if they are undervalued, but most people prefer to take shots above the surface :)) Yes, they are perfect - you have straight lines, nice and moody lighting, and people that are easier to photograph. Thanks for your comment, @karinxxl!

I've been to Bucurest and honestly, I didn't like it... I only remember one good thing - place at the city center where you can drink really good beer in a church (not really but it looks like one):) I hope you visited it! I just google it for you in case you haven't been- Caru' cu Bere - for next time. Did you like Bucurest? (:

Yes, I quite liked it, especially the city center :) Caru' cu Bere was quite expensive, so I only saw it from the outside.

I have never been to Bucharest. but from a photographic point of view it seems to be packed with too much material.
how old an underground .. has experienced memories and traces .. I love it. I felt a different, minimal air!
congratulations dear friend

Thank you, my friend :) Yes, these old subway stations are soaked with memories

I missed this at the time you posted it.
Beautiful pictures you've made at Bucharest's metro. Please, tell when you're coming again, maybe we'll have the chance to meet.
I'm planning a trip very soon to Bulgaria, at Veliko Tărnovo.

Thank you, Cristina! :) One more Romanian Steemian on the list of people to meet :D I will let you know next time I am coming. When are you planning your trip?

I'm waiting for a little bit warmer weather so I can stay outside more to visit and take photos. I'll let you know.

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